Harvard professor and CNN analyst:

Please do this, I beg you.

I cannot imagine anything better than the elite who shut down the world because they were afraid of the air and could work from home on Zoom Stepping on the necks of working people by destroying their ability to make a living.

I want to see a million US trucks blocking every street from DC to NYC, turning the Acela Corridor into a honking gridlock.

Starve them out and prevent them from escaping.

I want to see the elite trapped in their apartments, unable to get Door Dash or Instacart for days and weeks on end, with only the ceaseless honking drowning out the rumblings of their empty stomachs.

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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “Harvard elitist wants to hurt the working class for refusing to be obsequious to the elite”
  1. “Have we learned nothing? These things fester when there are no consequences.”

    She is the prime example of her own thought. Which is why I agree with J. Kb. when he says we don’t need normal but retribution.

  2. Years ago truckers were upset over new proposed federal regs and some wanted to go on strike. I said all you have to do is boycott dc. For 1 week. No delivery of ANY product inside the beltway. Then tell dc what you want.. one can dream..

        1. How do you tell me you want to torture and murder me without saying you want to torture and murder me… and my family too… and likely any pets, as well. Near relatives and friends are fair game too.

        2. (checks timestamp) Pre-coffee, what can I say?

          Seriously, though, it wouldn’t surprise me if by some standards she’s quite bright. The thing is, the smarter one is, the better one usually is at justifying one’s own opinion in the light of contradictory evidence, and ignoring logical fallacies as irrelevant to the matter at hand. It can be incredibly hard to overcome, even if you (a) recognize you’re doing it and (b) choose to try to do so.

    1. I saw a suggestion the military go along the Ambassador Bridge with a tank-mounted crane…any driver who won’t move his truck, simply dump the truck over the side. The dude was absolutely dead serious.

  3. Cool idea.

    Let’s beat on the folks who bring Our Betters everything.

    How could that end, other than well?

    And, while you’re up, howzabout capping travel nurse pay?

    Because, *nobody* is offering RNs $75,000 to HIRE ON!

    On top of their pay.

    The. Best. Minds.


  4. These things fester when there are no consequences.

    You mean like election rigging? How about fake dossiers from Russia? What about deliberately lying from the senate floor about a presidential candidate (Sen. Reid about Romney)? What about no-knock warrants as discussed above? How about taking bribes from China? What about weaponizing the IRS, re. Obama and Lois Lerner? What about forced vaccinations with immunity to Big Pharma? What about the Clinton mafia?

    Totally agree. Things are a-festering.

  5. I know she’s way smarter than me and all, but I’d think it would work better to:
    – arrest the drivers,
    – move the trucks,
    – … then stop.
    Unless you just get your kicks out of theft and vandalism. Which she may.

    1. She gets her kicks by being tyrannical. This bloviatress is over 1000 miles from Michigan and expects minions to do her bidding

  6. There’s an ultra, boss level of stupid that only those with many expensive years at a top level Ivy League university can reach.

  7. So arrest the drivers and take away their drivers license? Who’s going to replace all those drivers when this whole thing plays out, one way or another? Castrudeau better start negotiating.

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