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9 thoughts on “Hiram Maxim would be proud”
      1. Technically it’s the variant from the 1930’s, you can see it on a glance because of the big ol screw cap on the water jacket. So you could refill it easier (and maybe throw in snow in a pinch).

  1. Are those new guns? I think of Maxim guns as being replaced by newer designs and not being used, but I may be completely wrong on that.

    Actual hundred year old guns with a red dot are cooler than new guns with a red dot.

  2. Knowing European armies, those guns were probably brought into service in WWI.

    I saw National Guard M2s that were dated to WWII. They just keep swapping springs and barrels and they stay in service.

    1. There was article a couple of years ago about Anniston Army Depot receiving a 1921 dated M2 for refurbishment. They determined it was the oldest gun in service and retired it to their museum but this indicates the US inventory has pre WWII M2 machine guns in service
      Back to the Maxims, these are probably 1930s or 1940s vintage based on the large water fill caps plus the M1910/30 model introduced an optical sight mount that could be easily repurposed for a modern red dot, which is itself a miniature version of a 1930s reflector sight.

      1. Exactly, it’s more or less 1930’s tech and truth be told: that is as new as the M240 – which is basically a BAR gas operating system paired with a MG42 belt feed system.

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