As Miguel has covered, Mexico is now a failed state.  The Cartels have defeated the Mexican military and federal law enforcement in several gun battles.

The murder of judges and reporters, and rampant corruption has also helped to bring Mexico down.

Mass graves of Mexican citizens killed by the cartels are being found on a daily basis.  Some 40,000 Mexicans are missing and many are presumed dead in the Mexican drug war.

Recently, nine Americans, including six children, in a Mormon community were ambushed and killed by the Cartels.  The Mormons have been targeted before for simply living in Cartel controlled areas.

Not including here are the hundreds or thousands of Americans killed in the US by Cartel drug dealers and the tens of thousands of Americans who have died of overdoses of drugs from or through Mexico.

This is not the first time that the Mexican government failed, leading to criminal gangs causing havoc and death in the United States.

Just over 100 years ago Mexico experienced a civil war known as the Mexican Revolution.  A paramilitary leader of one of the revolutionary factions was Francisco “Pancho” Villa.

His criminal ruffians crossed into the United States and attacked US citizens and military outposts in New Mexico.

The US responded by having General John J. “Black Jack Pershing send the US 13th Calvary Regiment into Mexico.

A young Lieutenant George Patton was tasked with taking trucks and Hotchkiss machine guns with him, to do a live fire field test of how well motor vehicles and machine guns will do in combat, by killing Pancho Villa’s outlaws.

Patton ended up dismounted, with a Colt Single Action Army revolver in each hand, shooting Mexicans like it was the OK Corral.

We seem to forget our history with Mexico, but we have fought several wars with Mexico.  Starting with the Long Expedition, the Texas Revolution, Franco-Mexican War, the Mexican American war, and the Border War.  We have on multiple occasions had to send the Army to stop Mexican factions from being a thorn in our side.

It’s been 100 years since the last time we had to send troops into Mexico to stop the killings of US citizens.

If Mexico is once again a failed state, where a revolutionary faction has overpowered the Mexican government and is killing US citizens, it might be time to once again roll troops over the Rio Grande to shoot Mexican ruffians.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “History repeats itself, paging the ghost of Lt. George Patton”
  1. Mexico’s problem is that it is not simply a failed state — it is also a disarmed victim zone. That combination is particularly nasty.

  2. I say we just do what we should have done during the Franco-Mexican War or the Mexican American War: conquest and annexation.

      1. Only because we half-assed it. If I had the magic wand that would let everyone do what I want them to do I’d… Okay, first I’d spend some quality time with Mila Kunnis, Anne Hathaway, and Chris Hemsworth… But after that, I’d have us go full fledged British Raj on all of Latin America.

        Civilize ‘em with a krag.

      1. Either one will do, but I think the Warthog is quite a bit more resistant to counter-fire.
        Then again, stand-off weapons or cruise missiles would work, too. The key is good targeting. Aim at the top-most people, in their homes.

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