Miguel beat me to the post with David Hogg’s nonsensical rantings about non-binary and LGBT indigenous women who fought for gun control.

Clearly, this doesn’t come from the mind of a rational person who knows anything about US history.

The first and most obvious question is if those “entirely black, brown and indigenous lgbtq women and non binary people” that pushed gun control “never got on the news or in most history books” then how does he know about them?  But that is only one of his glaring errors.

Native Americas were prohibited from owning guns on reservations.  The Wounded Knee Massacre was the result of the US Army being sent to disarm the Sioux people.

Likewise, black slaves were prohibited from owning guns and the South after emancipation did it’s very best to disarm free blacks.

I’m also not sure what non-binary and LGBTQ black, brown, and indigenous communities he thinks existed centuries ago, but having lived in the heart of Indian Country in South Dakota, I never saw any sort of history chronicling the Native American Tenderloin District in Pre-Columbian North America.

This is little more than an ignorant bouillabaisse of Woke Social Justice jargon in a gun control broth.

Why would he Tweet such crap?

Because he had to.

Hogg’s previous Tweet was a little too White Knight for the internet.

White Savior is exactly what David Hogg is.

And White Fragility is a bullshit concept that demeans white people who are not racist and did not oppress anybody not wanting to be lectured at about how they are bad because they are the unwitting beneficiaries of white privilege and complicit in an inherently racist system.

It’s a Kafka Trap, where you are guilty of being a fragile white person if you are unwilling to subjugate yourself to your own browbeating and plead guilty of whatever racism you are accused of.

But Hogg got called out for being a White Savior in his anti-White Savior Tweet, so he had to make amends.  Hence some gobbledygook that gives credit to the intersectional dream team.

Later he Tweeted this:

Really?  I guess it’s that secret history of gun violence prevention knowledge at Harvard that isn’t published anywhere else.  Remember that it is impossible to flunk out of an Ivy League college.  No Ivy League would admit that they admitted a kid who couldn’t hack it.

So the reality is Hogg isn’t there to learn shit.  He isn’t supposed to, he was a political admission, to reward a kid who pushes the correct talking points and attacks the Right.

He doesn’t need to be factually accurate on anything.  He just needs to know how to play the youth activist Woke game and he will be rewarded for it mightly.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Hogg isn’t hitting the pipe, he’s everything that Harvard expects him to be”
  1. Just like any other toddler, the camera Hogg is convinced that just because he says it, it makes it a fact.

  2. The “Just Make It Up” standards for history research have been in place for a while now in academia. The real test is if it advances the Left’s agenda.

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