This tweet makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If there was a group of people that were into the “Gun Violence prevention movement” were precisely Whites like him that staring in Colonial times made sure  Black, Brown and others had no access to firearms lest they get uppity and defend themselves and their rights.

Young Skinhead for Gun Control and keeping Minorities disarmed.

And after looking at his latest image, I do believe an intervention may be needed.

Or not.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “Is David Hogg hitting the pipe?”
  1. Most any time I see blurbs about this oxygen thief I dont bother to look at it. I dgaf what this idiot has to say…

  2. How many centuries ago was it, David?

    The first firearms were developed c. 1250 CE in China. There weren’t very many “black” or “brown” people living in Sòng dynasty China; There were “indigenous” people, since there are by definition people indigenous to every place… Statistically speaking, there would also have been a lot of LGB people, but they wouldn’t have had any political power. Nor would there have been any T people. And non-binary isn’t a thing that actually exists. So… Nope.

    And the Song sure as $#!+ weren’t interested in “gun violence prevention.” They were kinda interested in the exact £^¢|<¡%@ opposite.

    The Aq Qoyunlu Confederation and Mameluke Sultanate adopted firearms a few decades after the Song, roughly 1280 CE; By around 1350 CE, the technology had spread to the Koreans, Mughals, Safavids, and other minor Muslim polities. So I guess that means “brown” people. No women in positions of power and certainly no LGBT people.

    And the Koreans, Hindus, and Muslims weren’t interested in “gun violence prevention.” Like the Song before them, they were interested in violence… and they were good at it.

    So good at it, in fact, that by the early 1400’s CE, the technology had been adopted by Europeans and North Africans. Who promptly used them to inflict violence on each other, themselves, and on the Muslims, Koreans, Chinese, and so forth.

    Should I keep going, David? I

  3. I look at the picture and see the shaved head and the skinny arms and wonder if this person has an illness of some sort? He just doesn’t look healthy.

    Or as a fictional character whispered to a reporter “Doesn’t he look tired.”

    1. Right? I want to yell at him to eat a damn sandwich. Malnutrition isn’t awesome for brain power, kiddo.

  4. I bet ol Cecil Rhoades woulda found young hoghead an attractive piece. When he was done, ol Cecil woulda just pushed him off a cliff.

    Hoghead, you lead the charge, no guts, no glory!

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