Around 1:45 a.m. officers were dispatched to 545 West 23rd St., off Boulevard Street, after receiving several calls about gunshots heard in the area.

“When we arrived, we met with the homeowner. He stated that several individuals tried to break into his house and he shot at them,” said Sgt. Craig Waldrup.

A short time later, a car arrived at UF Health Jacksonville with one person injured from gunshot wounds and suffering life-threatening injuries, Waldrup said.

via Police: Homeowner shoots man who tried to break in | News – Home.

OK, so far, so good. Bad victim selection process that resulted in injuries to the criminal.

JSO said a total of four people were in the car and suspected of being involved in the attempted robbery. Only one of the suspects was shot.

Multiple aggressors, something to keep in mind. Not everything is High Noon one-one-one confrontations, in fact they are the minority.

Police said the homeowner shot at the suspects with a rifle, hitting one of the suspects several times.

Can you imagine if it turns out to be……

“You have a right to defend your own home your property and your family,” said News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith. “Now the best thing to do is if you have a weapon, make sure it is registered to you.”

Mr. Smith is a former Jacksonville Sheriff Office deputy…which explains the dumb assertion.

From other news sources, we find out that at least one of the attackers knew the homeowner. That brings us to the sad fact that you must be aware that the bad guy, may turn out to be somebody you may have interacted in a regular basis and you might consider low/no risk just to be deadly wrong.

And for the obligatory “My boy ain’t bad and it is your fault” moment:

Action News spoke to the mother and aunt of Derrick Brown, the 18-year-old shot during the alleged home invasion. They claim the homeowner is lying.

“If you’re going to shoot someone five to six times, you’re not trying to get them out of your house. You’re trying to kill them,” said aunt Juaria Moultrie. “You’re not trying to warn them at all, that’s not a warning.”

via Police: Homeowner shoots at four intruders; One wounded |

Poor Derrick Brown was never told that breaking into somebody’s house was a no-no which may bring severe consequences. And no Mrs. Brown, bad guys do not get time-outs or warnings during the commission of a forcibly felony.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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5 thoughts on “Home Invasion with a bit of everything in it.”
  1. Oh, I don’t know about that “bad guys do not get time-outs” thing. I think they are likely to get a permanent time out. As far as being warned, the law should have been the only warning they needed.

    I know, pipe dream. But if someone breaks into someones home and gets killed, they should be counted as a suicide.

  2. I love the comment from the guy saying to take the homeowner to the range, to improve his accuracy, so he can hit all four;-)

  3. You’re probably thinking of “Gunsmoke”. High Noon ended with a four-against-one running fight. Even in the movies, guys, predators don’t play fair.

  4. “If you’re going to shoot someone five to six times, you’re not trying to get them out of your house. You’re trying to kill them,”

    Um… duh.

    If you didn’t get the message to get out of my house after the first 3 shots, then yes, I have given up trying to evict you and plan on sending you out in a body bag.

    Maybe the other 3 will take the hint.

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