One suspect was hit and taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in serious condition. “I feel safer living next to him,” said next door neighbor Michael Wilson. “So if anything happens to us, I’ll make sure to call him.”

via Homeowner shoots robbery suspect during attempted home invasion robbery | News – Home.

Sometimes a story will provide you with an object lesson. First kudos to the homeowner who was able to thwart the home invasion but please, don’t open the door unless you are really sure there is no danger outside. From the pic I think the doors open to the outside (usual in South Florida) so it was not like the bad guys could kick it down easily.

About Mr. Wilson comments; apparently he did not figure out that when the criminals come with evil intention, you will have no time to call anybody, being your neighbor or 911. Either that or he is a wee bit lazy for his own good & safety.


UPDATE: The bad guys cut the power to the house before attempting to go in.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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2 thoughts on “Homeowner shoots robbery suspect during attempted home invasion robbery | News – Home”
  1. Some friends of mine, a nice young Jewish professional couple with an infant baby, live in that neighborhood. The husband has been meaning to get a gun but keeps putting it off. Maybe this will provide some motivation.

    1. Miramar per se is not a bad neighborhood unless you go way east. But there are no safe zones anywhere because there are predators that will travel well outside their regular hunting grounds from time to time. Let’s hope your friend heeds the lesson.

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