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10 thoughts on “How to disable the Alexa microphone in the Fire Stick.”
    1. Yes, it is a valid alternative. I have Gorilla super glue and it is so viscose, it would not seep all the way down. I had to go with the drill method.

  1. What do you suppose the over/under is for, “how long before Amazon redesigns the Fire Stick remote to move the microphone to another, less-well-known spot”?

    Or alternatively, “how long before Amazon includes a microphone in the Fire Stick itself, instead of just the remote”?

    At some point, the fact it’s so easily found and defeated becomes a liability categorized as a design flaw that needs fixing.

    1. Don’t underestimate a guy with a spudger and a soldering iron.

      As to the location of the microphone moving from the remote to the stick.

      It’s a bit of a problem of them getting a good enough read of you voice now with an unobstructed microphone.

      Imagine the sound quality from one buried behind your loud TV.

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