I have no idea what this is from, probably some sort of reality show or something.

Here’s the thing, I know stroking my arm like that would have resulted poorly.

I’ve seen myself in the mirror.

I am not the sort of man random hot chicks make a move on.

My first instinct on being touched by a stranger in public is “pickpocket.”

If not that then “this is a setup for something bad.”

The guys who fell for this honeypot are stupid.


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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “How to get your hand slapped into next week or the benefits of having no self esteem”
    1. A “W”… well, the treasure was buried under a big W, wasn’t it? Turned out to be four tilted palm trees as seen from a particular angle, or something? (I suspect it’s a “W” as opposed to an “L”, so a Win, for some value of Win. Maybe not falling for the stunt constitutes winning?)
      Who is videoing… as the Vorlon remarked, “Never ask that question.” As no player in any reality show ever said, “Wait a minute! If we’re on film, there must be someone filming us!”
      Too old? I think most of us are, but if you think “Allen Funt” it might help to make sense of a lot of this stuff. Imaging an army (or an unorganized militia) of Allen Funts, minus any sort of what laughably used to be called common sense, and also without a legal department.

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