Police said a group of people attempted to rob another group of people near South Second Street and National Avenue early Monday morning. Investigators said one of the would-be victims produced a gun and shot one of the would-be robbers.

Lt. Mark Stanmeyer said the shooting victim was a 15-year-old boy that he called “a known gang member” who had a lengthy arrest record including armed robbery and auto theft.

via Police: Teen shot during Milwaukee robbery had arrest record | Local News – WISN Home.

It appears as if we are seeing more of these group attacks. They have no set pattern: they can go after individuals, couple or like in this case, a group.

If anything this is a great reminder for 1) Carrying all the time, 2) Be aware of your surroundings and the people in it as much as humanly possible and 3) There is a proven value on having “high-capacity” magazines.

Hat Tip: Brad W.

A different attack that happened in Springfield, MO. The reason it did not end tragically comes at the end.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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5 thoughts on “Hunting ain’t fun when the bunny shoots back: Milwaukee Edition. (Update)”
  1. The victims appear to be considerably more melanin deficient that the ” alleged perpetrators” .

    Just sayin” .

    1. I really don’t care about the why wherefores and assorted Social Justice bullshit. When an attack is happening, you don’t have to be considering the social implications that lead to the criminal behavior, you either react and survive or spend time in the hospital or the morgue.

  2. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    That tunnel seems a bit sketchy to begin with. That being so, a stout stick, some OC spray (or maybe no), or a stun gun might be bettter than nothing — IF you know how to use them and are willing to use them. Otherwise, “Stop, Drop, and Cower” seems like the plan of the day.

    stay safe.

  3. “arrest record including armed robbery and auto theft.”

    15 years old.

    And he’s on the street instead of jail……why? It’s not like he’s old enough to served out his time. Are they saying that they keep arresting him and CAN’T convict him?

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