This happened on Christmas Day in Australia.

The Vietnamese immigrant community is being prayed upon by the Sudanese immigrant community.

This incident was the result of thefts from patrons of a Vietnamese business, but this type of situation is not new and the Vietnamese community is sick of it.

Conflict between African and Asian groups is not uncommon for various reasons but we saw similar friction in the US and UK.

The difference here is that the lack of gun rights and self defense rights have put the Vietnamese community at the mercy of the Sudanese.

In the US, the Korean shop keepers were able to defend themselves.

Gun rights are minority rights because it allows minorities to protect themselves when no one else will.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “I bet Australians are happy they gave up their guns and right to self defense”
  1. Some immigrants, due to their primitive societies, require multiple decades to assimilate. Allowing them that time is foolish and dangerous.

  2. I suspect the Aussies who don’t like guns could care less about this kind of thing. It’s not happening to them in their own neighborhoods, so like most American Leftist, they don’t really care.

  3. “Right to self defense” — I’m not sure they ever had that. Most countries do not have rights, all they have (if that) is privileges doled out by the government to some of its subjects.

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