Last year, New York City decided to install needle drop boxes for the drug addicts to safely dispose of their drug paraphanilia.

What ended up happening is that drug addicts were convinced that the city had decriminalized shooting up heroin in parks, because why would the city give them convenient disposal services if it wasn’t legal to use?

Faced with huge numbers of addicts shooting up and shitting in NYC parks, the NYPD bravely chose to ignore the problem.

So, fast forward to today. What policy could New York implement that would be worst than that?

Sex Work Would Be Broadly Legal in New York Under New Bill Introduced Monday

That ought to do it.  I can’t think of a better way to drastically increase quality of life crimes than let hookers roam free.

A group of lawmakers first called for legislation in February, but on Monday they finally came forward with a 13-page bill that would bring dramatic changes to the sex trade in the state.

The bill, written with advocacy group DecrimNY, would make it legal to both buy and sell sex under certain circumstances and modifies laws around facilities that are used as places of prostitution.

Better start buying up those shitty hotels as investment properties, the flophouse market is going to BOOM.

“For us, this is a bodily autonomy issue — our bodies, our choice — but more than that, it’s an economic issue. And it’s personal,” Jessica Raven, one of Decrim NY’s organizers, wrote in a Daily News op-ed Monday.

Two of the bill’s sponsors, state senators Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar, have said that 9 out of 10 people arrested in sex-work-related massage parlor raids are immigrants, with most being undocumented Asians.

So this will only encourage gangs to traffic in more Asian women for prostitution.

LGBTQ youth, who often run away from home seeking acceptance, trade sex at 7 to 8 times the rate of other youth in New York City, Ramos and Salazar say.

So emotionally damaged gay and trans teens can now hook without the fear of getting arrested.

Again, this seems like it will encourage more teens to enter prostitution than solve the issues that cause them to go into prostitution in the first place.

Of course, this will increase LGBT teen and trafficked Asian women to more abuse though pimps and people who will take advantage of them.

I’m seeing only negatives here.

More flophouses, more pimps, more street walking, more sleaze-bag johns, more crime in general.  Really, this was a bang up job by the New York legislature to pour gas onto a smoldering fire.

I guess after Amazon pulled HQ2 out, they needed something to make up those 25,000 jobs.  I never would have thought that creating an industry of illegal immigrant and gay teen prostitutes was the way they were going to do that.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “I can only see this ending well for New York City”
  1. That’s one way to fight crime–make everything legal and WHAMMO, no crime! New York is gonna be Paradise in just a few more years.

  2. Saw a pic on FB this morning. Nice little sidewalk cafe thing in san fran.. And a few feet a way a guy taking a dump right out in the open on the sidewalk . NYC won’t be far behind.

    1. Thirdpower: One of San Francisco’s “most vulnerable,” undoubtedly (translation: laws and decency do not apply).

  3. How long before we wall off Manhatten and mine the bridges and surrounding waters, turning it into a prison?

  4. Creating a black market, whether for guns, sex, drugs, or rock ‘n’ roll only helps crooks.

    Someone who is trafficked and forced into prostitution can’t go to the cops for help without admitting they have committed a crime, which is a great help for pimps and traffickers. (Ditto drug addicts and getting help.)

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