They can’t stop grievance mongering for one second.

First, the Washington Post:


Next, Vox:


It’s a new Olympic sport.

It’s just for women.

It’s more internationally equitable because it doesn’t require gobs of money to win.


Somehow its still sexist and not fair and women have to do the job of four men… blah blah blah…

And America is actually favored to win the Gold.

I just found out about Monobob and these people already made me hate it by bitching about how it’s not perfect.

Whatever funding they are getting is too much.


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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “I didn’t even know it existed but they made me already hate it”
  1. Don’t fret. Next time the Winter Olympics roll ‘round, we’ll field a transgender woman to compete. So that one man can do the work of one woman doing the work of four men.

  2. Oh yay. Another sport I never heard of at a sporting event I’ve come to care nothing about.

    Well, not quite true. I will watch biathlon. (shocking, I know.)

  3. Note to self: Never try to watch a VOX Video again.

    Have these idiots never heard of a Luge, or a Skeleton? They are tiny little frames that a person lie on and either go down the icy twisting track feet first (luge) or headfirst (skeleton). Yes, even women do those sports too.

    Did they know there are even Black American Woman Skeleton Athletes?
    Although NBC, the Media, and the IOC must still believe in the one-Drop Rule.

    Beautiful Woman Athlete from the Air Force. Although she isn’t even the First Olympic Black Woman Skeleton Athlete. That was Simidele Adeagbo, from the Nordic country of Nigeria.

  4. At this point, I’m honestly surprised they haven’t tried to rename the Bobsled to something else because mUh SeXiSm . . .

    1. It’s the same brilliant, highly credentialed minds who think they can remove Racism by returning black people to the days of Jim Crow and Segregation- but a polite, apologetic version.

  5. It’s only for women, because no one in their right mind would get in with a woman driving, including other women.

    Unconfirmed rumor has it that they do eliminations for the medal round by telling them to gas up the sled before the run. Anyone who tries is asked to leave the Olympics.

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