I didn’t know Hippies bought expensive knives.

Your preferred Social Media is probably running with this already.
(Pics stolen from Zach A.)

Is Benchmade so disconnected that does not know a chuck of his buyers see this as unadulterated treason? And the sad part is that Oregon City PD posted an explanation/semi-apology in its Facebook page, Benchmade is apparently doing something more important because there has been no response at this time [12:25 am (EST) 2/21/19] in the website or any of the social media platforms.

Being the internet such a great source of information, people already pulled the related campaign contributions. The Le Asis family, owners of Benchmade do have a long record of more donations to Democrats than the Republicans by factor of 10. Remind me again what is the stance of Democrats regarding knives? I sort of remember the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr. being a bit of an asshole about knives and NYC has to be a great opportunity for sales.
Oh well, I don’t own any of their knives, nor I can afford them anyway. Let’s see where this one ends up later today.

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  1. 1) We are going to see “get woke, go broke” happen again.

    2) Oregon City PD: we really don’t like that sort of crapola where you destroy guns, whether it’s buybacks, or guns turned in by scared community members. Especially when you knuckleheads put a perfectly good “sporting” type gun front and center in the photos. What else did you bastards destroy? A pre-war 1911? A bunch of Colt Pythons?

    1. I saw a drug case where an early (by serial number) Garand in pristine condition went to the smelter, because the Feds were involved.

      And several Pythons and other really nice guns.

  2. $3,469,833 of Oregon City’s $68.4 million budget expenditure for FY 2018 was spent on servicing the city’s debt…

    …selling those firearms at auction could have knocked a few grand off that.

  3. This could and should hurt Benchmade, it’s not like they are the onyo knifemaker in town. Kershaw, CRKT and maybe Gerber will appreciate the business. For that matter, why go to a knife company when Schnitzer Steel can melt it down for them.

      1. Yeah but Leatherman is up by the airport and not as close to Oregon City as Tualatin and Tigard. Also Leatherman reputedly leans towards gun control.

  4. And goodbye Benchmade…. of a anybody is curious, Buck now makes Remington Cutlery, so if you are looking for a knife company that supports guns, their new Pro line omin S30V is awesome.

  5. If I am not mistaken, these photos are evidence that Benchmade knives and the Oregon city police are illegally making NFA shotguns. That barrel certainly looks too short to me.

    1. Good catch, I didn’t see a receiver cut in that photo. ATF could take exception to that, except this is a PC operation so they won’t.

  6. This falls under the category of “Did you really need to put this on the internet?”

    Honestly, I understand that some guns will need to be destroyed in the course of legal action. I’d rather a gun used by a serial killer be destroyed rather than auctioned off to one of those morbid collectors. And I flinch if it’s a classic, but honestly there are plenty of guns out there for us to buy. So do what’s necessary and don’t post it.

    I still don’t understand why a PD has a FB account, or whatever they’re using up there.

    1. BTW, I carry an antique Queen Steel pocket knife. It cost me $20 nib on the internet. It does everything from cleaning fish to cutting my lunch. 100% non-tactical edc.

    2. The “necessary” argument you make seems like a “feel-good” argument.
      The one the PD made is a claim that some sort of law or regulation requires it.
      Neither make any sense. It’s not like the item in question is illegal, as would apply, say, to seized heroin. There is no sensible argument against auctioning these things, any more than there is for seized other things like vehicles. Would the PD scrap a nice new seized Cadillac, or a nice old classic car? Of course not.

      1. I wouldn’t be so quick to assume the PD won’t scrap a seized car. Not too long ago the govt used our tax dollars to buy old cars and destroy them.

        I thought I saw something akin to court ordered in the write up, but I could be mistaken. Even if it’s just policy rather than law, it isn’t something i’ll get too upset over. As a different post alluded to, some of us have been involved in gun right battles since the 80s and we’re not as enthusiastic as we once were.

        Of course I never planned on buying a benchmark knife anyway, so …

  7. Some folks are really good at destroying themselves, ain’t they?

    I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt after the police issued the clarification, but those donations to Democrats sealed the deal.

    1. scrappycrow:
      The donations to Democrats don’t help, but for me, helping destroy some nice guns (I saw a sporting shotgun with a ribbed barrel, a lever-action rifle, and one AK-clone in those photos) was enough to guarantee I never give them one red cent.

      Additionally, the Oregon City PD has an auto shop to maintain their vehicles, and to “forensically search” (read: tear apart) suspects’ cars. Are you gonna tell me their fully-stocked mechanics’ shop doesn’t have an angle grinder or acetylene torch among all their other tools? There was zero reason Benchmade needed to be involved at all … except that they wanted to be.

      They’ll soon learn, contrary to popular belief, there IS such a thing as bad publicity.

  8. They always felt like the hk of knives to me. Idk something made me feel like I was sold to as an after thought as a consumer not legal/military years ago when browsing their site.

    No real basis for this, just penumbras and eminations I detected so to speak.

  9. Benchmade knives to me always seemed like a very-expensive solution in search of a problem. The quality doesn’t seem any better than a lot of other knife makers, but the prices are crazy.

    And they probably make a killing selling multi-tools specifically made to service their knives (it wouldn’t surprise me if using anything else voids warranties).

    I’ve never owned a Benchmade; they never had any designs that really “Wowed” me. I have a Cold Steel, a Kershaw, a couple Leathermans, a few others. I never saw the need to add a Benchmade, especially at that price point. Definitely ain’t gonna happen now, and if I had one, I’d destroy it and post pics.

    And no, hipsters don’t buy expensive knives. They buy expensive clothes and coffee. They don’t see knives as tools; they see weapons, and they don’t “do” weapons.

    1. Hipsters used to buy axes. Look up bestmadeco which got some harsh humor from Bike Snob for painting stripes on axe handles and charging a huge markup to fakerjacks.

    2. Buck, Gerber, SOG, K-Bar, Ontario Knife Company (the USMC bayonet), and Case. And Swiss Army knives, both types. There are probably a lot of others that I don’t know about. Benchmark will not see any of my money.

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