California baker who died in robbery wouldn’t have wanted killer locked up, family says

Family and friends of an Oakland baker who was dragged to her death during a robbery say that she would not have wanted her killer to be prosecuted.

“I think Jen would affirm that of course that’s what people have been trained to believe is the answer, to lock people up,” Emily Harris, a close friend of Jen Angel, told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But we know that if the people who cause her harm are sent to jail, all we’re doing is perpetuating more harm.”

Angel, the owner of Angel Cakes bakery, died on Thursday from injuries she sustained after being confronted by armed thieves who smashed her car window outside an Oakland Wells Fargo and fled with her belongings.

Angel tried to chase down the suspects but was caught in their vehicle door as they left the scene and dragged more than 50 feet before her head hit the sidewalk and they drove away.

Fuck Jen and her friends and family.

This is a selfish bullshit attitude.

This is the sort of attitude Woke assholes have to seem compassionate, but it’s really just awful.

If these robbers are not prosecuted then they will do this again, and will kill someone else.

They will deprive about swt of parents of a child, children of a parent, a spouse a parter, etc.

We don’t just prosecute criminals to punish them for what they did but to keep them from offending again.

By saying “Jen wouldn’t have wanted her killer to be prosecuted” they are saying “Jen wouldn’t really have cared of they killed someone else.”

So it’s fortuitous that Jen and her shitty selfish attitude made the ultimate sacrifice and I’m glad these thieves are being prosecuted against her last wishes.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I guess nothing of value was lost”
  1. If she didn’t want them jailed why did she chase them?? Why not just willingly hand over her hard earned money with a smile and a cheery wave?? What utter garbage. I used to think about moving out there… used to.

  2. Wokism/leftism is a religion.
    Facts, reason, etc… are not necessarily part of faith. That is why it is faith, not science.
    If Jen would have been OK with criminals walking around free of punishment, fine, be OK with it personally. Do not force the rest of us to suffer.

    1. I understand what you are saying, however the definition of “Faith” is not blind belief, nor is it the act of jumping into the dark, however people have been fed the idea that it is a mystical spiritual emotional act, it is not. The fact is, Faith is an act based on substance and evidence. The word was born into existence within the realm of land ownership i.e., a title deed given in good faith practice to the purchaser from the owner and or loaner.
      The title deed is the evidence that the substance (land) will be paid for in the time agreed upon, as established by both parties, which is the act of faith. It is seen in plain view, and has only one interpretation, and therefore one truth–the land is the purchaser’s when the loan is fulfilled as promised.
      The context in which the word “Faith” is used today, and has been for several decades, is one of subjective imaginative. emotional belief, which is the exact opposite of the original meaning.

  3. This news story serves to reveal the total hypocrisy of the leftist mind. The ‘friends and family’ in this case, inadvertently demonstrate just how deceived they are. Fact is, she died defending herself from a violent felony crime. And she went on the attack to do it. The woke act of ‘Virtue Signaling’ proves to be nothing more than a lie of deception designed to disguise one’s own true self from the mob they fear.

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