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New York City has become a place where people are terrified to leave their homes or else they get murdered on the subway.

This jackass moves from NYC to Idaho, one of the most beautiful states in the Union.

He then bitches on Twitter about it being too rural for Amazon Prime two-day delivery and the people not masking.

He calls his adopted state a societal failure but not NYC becoming a murder capital shithole.

I legitimately hope his neighbors see this and then come winter see his Tesla stuck dead in a snow bank because he forgot hot cold affects the battery, and they say “fuck him” and let the cold and the wolves do their thing.

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By J. Kb

36 thoughts on “I hope his neighbors let him freeze”
  1. His minor inconvenience is “societal failure”, while murders and beatings are perfectly fine.

    (Do these children not remember “allow four to six weeks for delivery”?)

  2. I’m sure his neighbors would be more than happy to see him move back to NYfC.

    I can’t imagine he’d be any more pleasant in person.

  3. I’m not quite as rural as he is, but I live in a very small town in a sparsely populated part of the state. I still get Amazon pretty darn quickly. Chewy, too. I tried those meal prep plans – forget it. The food will be melted before it gets here. Most other deliveries take longer, too. It’s the price I pay for affordable living with no traffic, little crime, quiet, stars, and a very short drive to see woods and pastures all around me. Totally worth it!

  4. You move to a rural part of the State, which I infer from your description not an area with a nearby commercial airport. Presumably you left NYC for some reason, i.e. high taxes, draconian government, or just didn’t like your fellow citizens, and you blame Idaho for your inability to get your Amazon toys in two days. How about going back to NYC where you can get two day prime delivery and Kosher pastrami. We won’t miss you or your money.

      1. I love good Kosher Pastrami, especially on rye with mustard. It’s lack, however, is a sacrifice you have to make if you want to live in rural Idaho.

        1. Or, you order it online and pay $50 for overnight shipping in dry ice and accept that.

          I lived in rural South Dakota. You could get anything overnight, you just had to be willing to pay for it.

          That may seem unfair but when an apartment is $650/mo, you can use the money you saved from your New York rent to cover the extra shipping.

  5. All rural dwellers must wish their problems were as small and unimportant as his. If you as a rural dweller think your problems are bad, just think he could be your neighbor. The only worse neighbor I can think of is the “mostly peaceful radical Muslims” that have a compound near us.

  6. It doesn’t even have to be that rural.

    We live in a small town in the north east. A few years ago a family moved in from the state to our south. Barely 10 miles from the border.

    I was talking to the mother at while waiting for the school bus for our kids one morning and she was telling me how horrible our town was.

    Seems that she was VERY upset that we didn’t have sidewalks coming from the town center all the way out to the end of the road. Mind you, the city side walk ended about 200 yards towards the center of town. The privately installed and maintained sidewalk ended 50 yards from her yard.

    She wasn’t willing to extend that private sidewalk but wanted the entire town to pay for it because “that’s why I pay taxes!”

    One of the reasons she left her former state was “high taxes” but here she was very upset that the town didn’t want to pay to install and maintain sidewalks.

    And here is the thing, it is a low traffic road and nobody has any issues with walking on the side. Except for this mom.

    (This is the same family that decided to cut down the 10 or so 50+ year old trees on their property. No known reason, but they cut down all the trees on their property)

    1. I live in a very small town here in Maine. Its full of tree huggin dope smoking liberal hippies( target rich environment). The nearest bigger town is16 miles away. I get everything and anything I want. Id tell soyboi welcome to America! Go back to where you came from. This Country is FULL of a bunch of entitled pussies.

    2. The most heart-breaking thing I see when looking at recent photos of the home I grew up in is that only two of the trees I remember are still there. One of them is missing a MASSIVE 50′ limb that stretched across the yard, and looks to be 30′ shorter thanks to a tornado.

      At least the pear orchard is still around.

    3. To be fair that while beautiful trees are bad for buildings close to them, their roots wreck plumbing, foundations, driveways and falling branches can wreck roofs. It only took one incident where a branch went through our roof before the misses informed me our next house won’t have trees within 50 yards.

      1. That’s fair, but these trees were all 10-15′ away from the house. And one of them took a lightning strike that would have hit the house otherwise.

  7. “[T]here are things that I want, can afford, and am legally permitted to have but I cannot attain in a reasonable amount of time simply because of societal failure[.]

    Holy Wells Fargo wagon, Batman! That is some serious “first world problems” levels of privilege there. I’m only forty years old, I distinctly remember when ‘please allow four to six weeks delivery’ for catalog ordered goods was the norm.

    To think that it represents a failure of society as a whole that this soy-for-blood, tofu-for-a-spine dweeb needs to wait a full five-day business week to get a t-shirt shipped from Sumfuking City, China to Bumfuq, Idaho is just… wow. I literally can’t even.

  8. “…let the cold and the wolves do their thing.”

    I dunno. If he isn’t getting deliveries, there might not be much to eat. 8>)

  9. What is it w/ ‘Those people’ moving from cities to rural to ‘get back to nature’ and the first thing they do is bulldoze down as much nature as they can?

    We had a local bookstore open. Nice guy but very left wing. It was fine until he started posting how bad he thought the town was on the business FB page including attacking the local school for renting the auditorium to a local church on Sundays while the church’s main building was being renovated.

    He enthusiastically shut his store down during the lockdowns and then, when things opened up again, became militant on masks. He’s now closed down and moved back to the city where crime/taxes are high and he can be happy.

  10. “You want something on Amazon? Congrats, it will be here in a week.”

    Well, boo-freaking-hoo you pathetic self-entitled snowflake. SMH
    Move back to your progtard craphole megacity then and stop whining like a bitch.

    Hell, your neighbors will more than gladly help you pack your crap just so they can get your wretched ass out of town.

    1. Thing is, I remember when orders from Amazon would take a week or more.

      [old man]AND WE WERE HAPPY![/old man]

  11. Just checking, but Idaho has several cities that will have the services he wants. Why did he choose to move to a place that is 80 miles from a Costco? Sounds like the real problem is his poor decision making skills.

    1. East coasters think that Idaho is just Boise and suburban areas. They have no clue how big Idaho is, or how far you can be from civilization and still be in this state until they get here.

      P.S. Around here, 80 miles ain’t all that far to drive (unless you drive an an oversized electric golf cart).

  12. According to Google, there are eight Costco stores in the state of Idaho; Three in the general vicinity of Boise; one in Twin Falls, one in Pocatello, and one in Ammon (which covers the whole southern portion of the state). There’s two up in the panhandle, in Louiston and Couer d’Alene.

    Near as I can figure, only the southwestern-most corner of Owyhee County is more than eighty miles away from a Costco… But that’s largely just the uninhabited northern parts of the Duck Valley Reservation (80% of who’s residents live in the Nevada half of the reservation). Plus, I highly doubt this schmuck is part of the Shoshone-Paiute Tribe.

    If you bump out the Costco radius to a mere 100 miles, then the entire state of Idaho is covered.

  13. “societal failure”…lol. How about learn to plan ahead for that 2 week delivery time, and all will be well. And I’m sure no one would miss him if he left.

    Another problem for his town, not him – is that he is likely a liability to his neighbors. Instead of a productive self sustaining member of his community where he might be able to offer help if required, he probably needs help from everyone else for everything.

  14. Apparently he forgot to check the tongue in cheek that defines “civilization” as a 50 mile radius from Trader Joe’s.
    I guess it speaks to how opposite to this clown I am that when I visited Coeur d’Alene I was more interested in the Tractor Supply. Then again I live about a mile from a Whole Foods and haven’t set foot in the place for almost three years.

  15. Hopefully so good folks in Idaho run this POS Soy hump out of the state.
    What a tool.

    Do not hesistate to make this commie very uncomfortable if you live near him

  16. I guarantee it is not as bad as he says. He is exaggerating and probably to curry likes on social media. The contempt and despisement of small town America is real and pervasive.

    We get these city rats all the time. They last maybe one year tops. In the meanwhile, they complain – and loudly! – about this or that which happen to be the very things we adore of small town life. The problem is one leaves, ten move in. It is a never ending struggle.

    In the meanwhile, before they leave, they run for every elected position. Even the library (the library!) water boards begin to tackle ‘big city’ problems which heretofore had never been known. If two get elected, it is like a covey of wickedness. The hayseeds, you know, the actual locals, are said to be ignorant and unaware, therefore the problem and to be shunned. Oh, the board meetings become vile and contentious.

    1. Wait.

      Your town library waterboards city-folk who move in? Man, you’ve got an excellent library staff!

    1. Not in drought years. You should switch to thumb screws. They’re reusable and you’d be supporting a local craftsman who makes them.

  17. This is the epitome of the problem with liberals. They’re like a freaking virus. They cannot or will not face that the whole entitled mindset is what caused the problems that they fled and they immediately start trying to turn their new home into exactly what they escaped from.

    And when you point it out to them, they simply cannot grasp what you’re telling them.

    And in the cesspits where they fester, more and more and more of the virus is created and spread to the remaining healthy areas until the entire country is filled with rot.

    We’re well on our way there. My only hope is that I don’t live long enough to see how this story ends.

  18. Sailorcurt: yeah, there is that.

    OTOH, there is the philosophy that says, “Lord, may this not happen. If it is to happen, let it happen on my watch, so that my children and grandchildren may know peace and liberty. Amen”

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