There is nothing a Leftist hates more than another Leftist who breaks ranks.

They followed her into a bathroom.

This is way beyond the pale of acceptable protester behavior.

I hope she is prepared to defend herself because and group willing to accost a woman in a bathroom is capable of anything.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “I hope Senator Sinena has her AZ CCW and is prepared to use it”
  1. It’s disgusting for this to happen, but I’m not sad it’s happening to a libtardian. Karma is a bitch.

  2. Along EN2 SS’s thoughts, even though I appreciate that she is trying to derail this horrible bill. she ain’t exactly on our side.

    Going into a restroom is what little children would do. Protest like adults if you have to protest.

  3. She’s almost certainly in danger, and so is Joe Manchin. Leftists cannot handle defeat, the only solution is violence. I expect things to escalate in terms of the “protests” these Senators will have to deal with.

    As an aside, I’m seeing an increasingly alarmed Left worried about how the SCOTUS will rule on abortion and gun rights. If Roe vs Wade is somehow struck down, or if even some abortion privileges are curtailed, I expect the Left defaults to their natural state, feral violence. If gun rights are expanded, I expect similar violence. And I’m cautiously optimistic that the gun cases might go our way. Why else would the partisan crackpots at the CDC suddenly decide to view “gun violence” as a public health issue? It’s like they know that many existing laws are about to be snuffed out.

    1. Thing is … We got Roe v Wade, in part, because Congress hadn’t done their job and developed relevant law as a national framework. They still haven’t.

      So of course the field is ripe for states to do things like Texas did.

      1. But Boris, while it’s true that Congress hadn’t developed a national framework, the right answer is that they have no Constitutional authority to do so. There’s nothing in Article 1 Section 8 authorizing such laws. That being the case, the fact that SCOTUS arrogated itself the power to decide on the topic took the matter away from the states, where Constitutionally it belongs.

    2. The best assassination defense for both Sinema and Manchin is their state governors are Republican. It may not stop a brainwashed idiot Progressive, but it better than any non-existent protection detail.

      He does not even need to appoint a Republican as Senator, merely not appointing anyone swings the balance to 50R-49D+I; and Kamala Harris becomes a figurehead and not the deciding vote.

  4. Leftists are children.

    Their response to not getting their way is always some kind of tantrum. They want some shiny thing, and you are saying no. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to scream, cry, and smack/punch/kick you. The only difference between a four year old, and an upset leftist is size and strength.

  5. “There is nothing a Leftist hates more than another Leftist who breaks ranks.”
    That’s the main reason they hate Trump. They thought he was one of their own and he was showing how dumb and gullible those flyover country folks were, only it turns out that the Leftists were the dumb, gullible ones.
    And they will never forgive him for that.

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