By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I hope you can fill your tank with nice Tweets because you won’t be able to afford gas”
  1. The equity of Socialism, everyone is equally poor (except the commissars and nomenklatura).

  2. Most California gas prices are a LOT lower, like $4.00 / gallon. At Least this month.

    This is probably the only gas station in downtown LA or Frisco; or the first gas station on the road from the airport.

    Every major city has a gas station like that. We use to have one that changed its price from $/gallon to $ per LITER at 5pm every day because the other stations in the area closed at 5PM. There was a news article or TV News report about every 6-10 months on that gas station. It doesn’t take too many uninformed suckers to make a huge profit every day. Some business traveler on an expense account? Do you think he will do anything, or just pay the exorbitant prices? Heck, he probably pays $5.00 for a 6 ounce OJ at the hotel.

    1. My thought as well.

      When I was a student out there, before the turn of the century, I recall gas in San Francisco being $4.50 a gallon regular.

      If this happens to be a gas station near an airport, well, you can add 20% just for the location.

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