I just realized something…

If the Democrats are allowed to pull this shit in Florida, this will be the second time I am present for a soft coup d’etat and both ending with a Socialist in power.

Today is either when the Republican Party stands up and becomes a force for the voice and votes of its people or dissolves into historical nothingness.

Either case, buy ammo by the pallets.

8 Replies to “I just realized something…”

  1. Soft coups: LBJ ballot box 13, JFK winning the Cook county cemetery vote with the help of the Chicago outfit. On the speculative side, any California election with illegal aliens voting?

  2. Call your GOP and get involved.


    Imagine if Governor Scott had done the right thing, and removed Sheriff Israel and the School Superintendent? He chickened out, and now he (and Florida) will pay the price.

    He was told it would hurt his election chances.

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