I was at a location yesterday that has a lot of human movement and contact with objects, so in the times of COVID, they have a lot of alcohol-based hand cleaner. This cleaner is also known as expedient paper cut detector which I tested to be surprisingly true. Rather than go back to my vehicle and get a band aid, I asked around employees if anybody had a band aid.

Blank stares.

Heads shaken in the negative.

Really? It is not like you are illegally dispensing OxyContin or dealing in H, it is a simple bandage found anywhere in the world but this location.

So, I had to hit the parking lot and get a band aid from my first aid kit.

I did not even bother about asking about a Stop The Bleed kit.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “I keep forgetting a lot of people are simply not prepared.”
  1. Many years ago, I got into the habit of keeping a couple of band-aids and some moleskin in my wallet.
    More recently, I took to carrying around a pocket first-aid kit with cuts’n’scrapes basics plus antihistamines and epinephrine in case of wasp attacks (which suddenly became a problem for me last year).
    Probably ought to go back to keeping a serious kit in each vehicle for just in case.

    … Preparedness. Having a flashback to sometime in the late 90s. Halfway through a 12-mile hike, my group came across someone who’d been stung by a bee. And knew she was allergic, but hadn’t brought her meds with her. (Apparently she had some sort of homeopathic meds, which you’d think would be made even more effective by not having them, but whatever.) There was an MD in my group, I had antihistamines in my first-aid kit, and by the time we left the stingee seemed to be recovering. C’mon, people… if you have a known allergy, and you’re going to a place where exposure is likely, have your own personal emergency kit along!

  2. I cut my had badly the other day through my own stupidity. I was glad I had “quikclot combat gauze” in my first aid kit.

  3. Where do I have my first aid kits.

    1. Both vehicles.

    2. House

    3. Garage

    4. Range Bag

    I need to attend a red cross first aid class for a refresher as well.

    Be Prepared

  4. Band-aid? WTH? Oh, you mean a shop rag wrapped around your finger and held in place with electrical tape? Sterilized with Jack Daniels? In that case, I’m usually prepared.

  5. Yep, having a first aid kit in your vehicle puts you above most folks wrt basic preparedness. My truck is filling up with all kinds of stuff: first aid, self defense tools, mechanical tools, get-home bag, spare food, water. My early adult self would look at current me kind of suspiciously.

  6. Do you really expect any store or store employee to provide you with anything medical related?
    You can thank the lawyers for that. Any offering of a bandage or aspirin would open the store up to liability. Just like every employee is told not to interfere in any criminal activity too. Let the robber take want he wants, otherwise they might sue. Don’t be helpful, or you may open the corporation to legal liability.

  7. I have a first aid kit in my car, range bag, house, but I’d be curious about the one you pictured Miguel. Is that a commercial one or something you put together? Either way, it would be interesting to know what’s in it, and if you have a link for it.

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