I need my safe space

I did some spring cleaning this weekend.

Somehow that resulted in me going through my gun safe and deciding to do some purging of some guns I don’t shoot and have redundancy on.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting out of the gun game, I’m just making some room in the safe and the money will go towards a new more ban prone long gun.

Right now the list of what is up for sale is:

1 Ruger LCR 38 spl +P

2 Ruger LCR 357

1 Ruger SP101 3″ barrel and Hogue Grip

I am going to list them soon for sale online, but I wanted to give readers first crack.

I have an FFL that will ship for $20 + the cost of FedEx to your FFL.

If you are interested in one of these, email me at jkb@gunfreezone.net with a reasonable offer.

We will discuss payment and transfer details at that time.



6 Replies to “I need my safe space”

    1. Same ones I’ve always had. I finally decided to bolt them down with some concrete anchors, which necessitated unpacking them.

      When I had my entire arsenal piled up on every workbench and laid out on moving blankets on my garage floor, I realized, I have a shitload of guns.

      Some I ended up with multiples of. That happened when my collection was spread out over three states (I owned things I couldn’t have in Illinois so they were stored with family out of state).

      Now that it is all together, plus the stuff I inherited from my dad, it was time to get rid of things I had multiple copies of.

  1. Why use Fedexcess? If your FFL puts in in his books, he can supply you with a form and you can have the Post Office ship a handgun “priority” for like small change compared to the other shippers.

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