I can’t handle the stupid from the Left.  It does bad things to my blood pressure.


Come a Second Civil War the leaders of Florida are David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and Cameron Kasky?

The leaders in a civil war are anti-gun activists.

Are they aware of what would happen if a bunch of people who are known for laying down in Publix and chanting in marches go up against people armed with AR-15 in an actual war?

This is a level of stupid I can’t take even as a joke.




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By J. Kb

18 thoughts on “I need to stop following #secondcivilwar”
  1. The author of that Tweet is from or is descendant of Dominica Republic.
    It explains a lot. Not the brightest coconuts in the whole Caribbean.

  2. I pray that David, Emma and Cameron remain their leaders. As the old British toast goes “Confusion to the Enemy”

  3. Reminds me of the South Park episode where Cartman fuels a re-fight of the Civil War with Smore’s Schnapps.

  4. Last week I said I didn’t think we’d make it to the next presidential election without a civil war breaking out. This week I’m not sure we’re going to make it to December

  5. Never mind a not-insignificant number of the AR-15 owners being veterans who’ve been on the two-way range.

    While I’m not saying there are zero veterans who’d be on the liberal side; I’m noting they’re thin on the ground.

  6. I was under the impression that this fad had started as a way to mock the left, but who knows

  7. Welp … Time to get off bottom dead center and finish that Valkyrie build, I suppose.

  8. The people who are itching for a civil war seem to think it will only have two sides, but if something does start, our external enemies won’t just stand by and watch. There will be a campaign of Islamist terror at the very least, and maybe some of our friends from south of the border or across the western ocean will join in. So you’ll have a three- to five-way war going on, and what kind of temporary alliances will that bring about?
    It’s something to think about, if you can stand to.

      1. wizardpc: That’s kinda my point. Each side thinks they will win because they’ll be fighting only one other side. One side thinks it will win because its enemies are racists and Nazis, and the other side thinks it will win because its enemies are pussies and snowflakes. But neither side should bet on it happening that way.

    1. Yes, there might be more than two sides, but it still seems to be accurate that just one of them will have, by far, the most firepower and skill.
      For example, we know that islamic terrorists are good at attacking unprepared people in disarmed victim zones. Fighting against an armed opponent ready for them? Not so much.

  9. Time to roll out the traditional, time tested sentence for treason by admitted, boastful traitors. Will ANY D,A. rise to the occasion?

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