I saw this Tweet and it made an good point:


It links to this YouTube video, which is excellent:


I will go further.

Mid-level violence is worse than conventional violence because it intends to strip you of your dignity.

You may fight back and lose to conventional violence, but you can fight back.

Mid-level violence requires that you sit there and take it.  You humiliate yourself and surrender your dignity as you do nothing, impotently, as you are tormented.

I believe the moral thing, and should be the legal thing, is to respond to mid-level violence with overwhelming violence.

When someone dumps glitter on you, punch them in the face, and when they hit the ground, kick them in the face until they spit out all of their teeth.

When some upper middle-class white college student has to look in the mirror and put in her dentures every morning, she will have learned her lesson.

When the protesters block the highway, use a diesel F-350 with a snow plow to clear them at 70 mph.

When Antifa forms a wall of plywood or trashcan lid shields, open up on them with M249s and green tip.

It isn’t just the inconvenience, it is the assault on your dignity that must be responded to.

Is it, and I’m not walking this back, second only to rape as an attack on your soul.

It demands that you allow yourself to be violated.

It is that evil.

Which is why I believe mid-level violence demands overwhelming violence.

When they demand your humiliation, they deserve to lose their lives.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “I support violent overreaction”
  1. Dumping something, anything, when you are not participating in a joke or cutting up, is assault period. First step is don’t allow anyone THAT close. How soon before they move from glitter to acid?? Bike lock anyone? Immediately remove yourself and people try and stop you ,kill em. This liberal bending of laws for a “cause” has gone on long enough. It is way beyond time to take back the country and return to law and order. 26% of the population is controlling the 74%. These morons want a “civil” war we outta start giving them anything but. How long would the protest last when heads start exploding and noone hears the shots?

  2. Been in this situation twice. Both times I informed the instigators that I have C O V I D, followed by coughing and sneezing in their ‘general direction’ (not directly on their person) saying, “Sorry, but you need to distance yourself for your own safety,” as I moved back to break contact. It’s also a good idea to have a friend video the situation. Or start a video yourself before you begin to display covid symptoms.
    If they escalate to physical violence, back up, and record your counter defensive actions, such as deploying OC spray while backing up. Always break contact until they threaten real violence which can cause harm or even grave injury or worse. I prefer issuing a verbal warning to use deadly force (But never inform them as to what type of deadly force) If it still continues to the extreme level, bring the deadly force tool into their view and wait to implement it if possible. Again, attempting to capture this action on video. If all this fails, do as little as possible, only what is needed to save yourself from grave harm or worse. Never escalate violence, break contact safely until they stop you from doing so.
    Last thing we should want to do is to end anyone’s life, no matter how illegal their actions become. Stop the threat, then if safe to do so, render aid.
    In both of the two cases I was engaged in, the individuals backed up and cursed me out for being in public with covid. I asked them if they would take me to the hospital because I had no way to get to one. One spit at me and the other cursed me out non-stop for a few minutes before choosing another victim. I just kept up the coughing performance while putting distance between us.

  3. I was just thinking that I love garlic and I would be chewing some cloves and then engage in conversation. That should keep them away.

  4. If words are violence, then this “mid-level violence” should be at least assault with deadly intent, right?
    Seriously, I distinguish between someone racheting themselves up in the “heat of the moment” and these deliberately provocative, premeditated incitements. And I have very, very little sympathy for the latter.

  5. Sooo, pepper spray isn’t me touching that obnoxious person? Good to know.

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