Tell me again how highly motivated irregular armed people on their home turf are not an effective fighting force against a technologically superior invading army?

He should know, he’s a Marine.  I’ll point put that fact makes this Tweet even more egregious. Garcia is another Leftist veteran who hates our civil rights and wants the military to stomp civilians.

I’m glad the military is going Woke.

I’m pretty sure the civilian Trump voters who shoot IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun are more capable than Corporal Two-Moms who undoubtedly supports gun control and hasn’t fired a weapon since basic training.

I’d bet on any Midwestern deer hunter, let alone an actual long range shooter, over some PFC who has spent more time in US military doing racial sensitivity training than at the firing range

Does Eric Garcia have and idea how many guys like that spend a day at the range then come home and clean their guns while watching Red Dawn and yelling “WOLVERINES!!!” at the TV?

At least if Garcia gets elected and turns the military against the people, they will be easy to defeat.



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By J. Kb

17 thoughts on “I take it all back, I’m glad the Army is going to be filled with UC women’s studies majors”
  1. That’s been my thought. It’s bizarre to watch this.

    The only reason I can think to do this is that they plan to bring in troops from overseas to do their dirty work. But that’s a big, big Rubicon to cross.

  2. It’s not just the guns. How many skilled machinists are out there? Chemists? Engineers? Computer scientists? Electronics experts? How many 3-d printers and CNC machines?

    1. I keep and bear arms to protect me and mine. If I plan to make war, then I’m bringing my professional skillset in organic synthesis. It’s a no-brainer. Heaven help them if it comes to that.

  3. IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun all design their courses of fire to represent a theme. Often it is a theme taken from some real life situation or game scenario.

    Or it is a “standard” situation, Hit the target that is peeking out from behind to no shoot targets, representing a hostage taker hiding behind some hostages.

    It would not surprise me in the least to find out in the next couple of months that some courses of fire are more representative of “urban conflict” with “squad size” contacts. I.e. There are 10 targets down range, You will engage with four rounds at 50 meters. You will advance to the 40 meter line and engage with no more than four more rounds. Advance 10 more meters, engage with four more rounds. Advance 10 more meters and engage 5 targets that are behind cover.

    No idea what real world scenario that represents….

  4. One of my favorite saying- armed with a dangerous mind…. now you comin around to my way of thinking.

  5. Hey J. KB;

    When ever I hear some leftie comment “Well your AR-15 can’t stop the Apache Helicopter, so the government will win, you might as well turn them in.” I laugh….”Sure we can’t fight the helicopter, but where does it get its fuel, stores, and crew from….?” When the convoys start getting blown up ooutside base, or the crews or the people that fix them or fly them live outside the base bad things happen…also keep in mind, most of the people in the Military ain’t going to shoot hellfires at people like their uncle Buck that likes to hunt. You lefties ain’t thinking this through……”

    1. My answer? What makes you think that I need to kill soldiers in order to stop them from fighting? How motivated is an Army when their family turns up missing while they are out patrolling for enemy troops that they didn’t find?
      Doesn’t the Army use contractors for foodstuffs?

      What happens the next day when those troops find their mom’s earrings in the chili at chow a week later?

      A civil war can be as brutal as they want it to be.

      1. Doesn’t even have to be rough stuff. Photographs of your family, with neat little crosshairs drawn on them, dropped into your mailbox.

        Maybe a neatly typed letter: ‘Find another job.’

      2. For that matter, what happens when the soldiers’ political masters suddenly find that they’re right in the middle of the combat zone, rather than safely on the other side of the world like they’re used to.

  6. The rifle is only one tool. As Jim Bob notes, the mind is the weapon.

    Thought experiment: what was the agent in every “top ten” mass casualty incident?

    Hint: ask a firefighter.

  7. The reply that comes to mind when I see statements like this: “What is your motive for saying this?” In other words “what do you intend to do to us that you think is facilitated by making the assertion you just made?”

  8. And, Pkoning, what makes this tool think we will simply watch?

    If Shawn’s predictions bear any whiff of coming true, I, for one, would rather die in a pile of spent brass, rather than on my knees on the side of a ditch I was compelled to dig.

    1. Agreed. The point I was trying to express is that this guy is probably mostly bluster, but presumably there was some reason for him to open his big ignorant mouth on Twitter. Challenging him to state what that reason is might be useful. Or, perhaps, suggesting what that reason could be and dare him to refute it.

  9. Entirely aside from your point; are you sure the female, in a flipped negative, with a Mosin carbine and Italian hand grenades isn’t from the Greek civil war?
    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before.

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