‘I did that’ Biden stickers create headaches for gas station workers – KSTP.com Eyewitness News

Between you and me, the real headache would be for the workers to be fired because the gas station owner cannot afford employees because his profit margin disappears.

The again, I am a heartless bastard according to some.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

16 thoughts on “I understand the annoyance.”
  1. Sounds like a made up problem to me. Assholes in the media can always find some American hating jerk to support the day’s narrative..

  2. I have wondered if there might be a regulatory requirement to keep the displays clear. Gas pumps are inspected and certified, after all.

    1. For me that’d be the only “legal” reason to keep them clear.
      yea they’re tacky looking, but considering the cause of their existence…

    2. The news story in my area had a comment from a gas station manager that said the inspectors from corporate could come through and fine the owners for what they deemed to be graffiti on the pumps.

      Given the state of some of the gas stations in my area, an “I did that” sticker on the pump would be the least that they’d get fined for if those are the things they get dinged for.

    3. That was my thought. There may be regulations that prohibit covering the inspection stickers.

      So remember, don’t put your ‘I Did That!’ sticker over the inspection sticker.

    4. Replied once but it seems to have disappeared. The local article that ran on this same subject said that the station managers are concerned that if/when corporate comes in for an inspection they will get marked down/fined for what they consider graffiti on the pumps.

      That said, if it was the station that I’m thinking of in the area, getting demerits for a sticker on the pump should be the least of their worries.

  3. A couple thoughts:
    1) Mr. Executive Director of a Lobbying Group says, “A retail business is no place for politics.” Really? After being politically assaulted at every damn turn by businesses for the last 2 years they wanna try that now? Good luck with that pal.

    2) The comment from the convenience store cashier in Minnesota is almost identical to the comment made by someone being interviewed in north Alabama. His words were “ “Put it on your car, put it on your house. Don’t vandalize private property.”

    Maybe my tinfoil is wound too tight but a lot of people seem to be parroting the exact same thoughts in all these interviews.

    1. Exact same thought to the “A retail business is no place for politics” line. Yeah, really? Would have been nice if ya’ll had that attitude 2 years ago, 6 years ago, oh, I don’t know, how about 20 years ago too.

    2. Don’t forget all the progtard Karens that are probably bitching up a storm about the stickers to the station managers. LOL

  4. Having worked as a stock boy at a retail store … I’ve seen what some people will do to, say, bathrooms just because they’re bored or think it’s “fun.” And I’ve had to clean it up.
    I’d have much preferred dealing with stickers once per day, than what some “people” did to the women’s restroom about once per month.
    I do see the gas station owners’ point, in that getting the stickers off could wind up damaging the pump either through abrasion (scraping) or from the chemicals used to dissolve the adhesive.
    Want to make it easier for the stores while still making a statement? Ask the sticker company to use a lower strength adhesive so they’re easier to peel off. Closer to a post-it note than a bumper sticker.

    1. I feel your pain there Boris. I worked at a “discount” movie theater in my hometown where it was a coin toss as to whether our county would lead the state in meth production or teen pregnancies that year.

      The only way those restrooms would have ever been “clean” would have involved diesel fuel and a road flare. I think that was the beginning of my hatred for most of humanity.

    2. Take a piece of masking tape or scotch tape, loop it so the sticky side is out, stick it to the back of the Potato sticker, then to whatever you want. Peels right off, no residue. Though, if the owners were smart, they’d leave one on, as long as it wasn’t covering anything it wasn’t supposed to. Likely wouldn’t have to worry about someone putting another on.

  5. That’s right. The stickers are the problem. Not the insane price of gas or that the administration clearly doesn’ give a fuck that middle-class people are hurting.

    I’ll make a deal. I promise ill never put up a Biden “I did that” sticker if I can pay $1.79 for gas and someone with a Biden Harris bumper sticker picks up the rest of the tab.

  6. “A retail business is no place for politics.”
    Really? Ithink some may dispute that load of BS.
    And seems your jumping in.

    Embrace the sticker, what will have to come aint quite as easy to remove.

    Wait till the Murals start appearing.
    Really big Ones like The BoweL Movement has and the fruity fa.

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