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A Tran-activist leaving the shithole of California to move to the free state of Florida and then vote for a Democrat who is actively campaigning for groomers to talk to kindergarten and elementary school children about sex.

Please stay the fuck back in California.

Red states, like Florida, need to pass laws to keep these people out.

If you move from a Blue state you should have to pay a 100% property tax and wait 10 years to register to vote.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “I understand why Southerners would burn down the homes of carpetbaggers”
  1. A fruitcake who probably (60:40 bare odds) moved to Califrutopia from somewhere else.
    Your rootless weirdo cousins and toothless banjo-playing kinfolk are moving back home to the Other 47? How sad for you.
    Maybe next we can start shipping you your homeless (95% not from here, ever) back home too.
    Won’t that be fun?

    Not so bitchin’ when the invasion is headed the other way is it?
    I’m trying hard to feel sympathy, really I am; and then I remember all the trash talk pointed hereabouts for the last 40 years, and the urge dies a quiet death.
    Consider all values of the proverbial phrase “chickens coming home to roost”.

  2. Wait… a bill called “don’t say gay?”
    And, this idiot is running for office? A five year old would destroy this idiot in a debate.

    1. Even when I lived there and he was the “pride of the Florida GOP”, I could tell he was nothing more than a political opportunist and chameleon.

      Him running to John Morgan’s open arms just confirmed my opinion that he was a shit human being.

    2. Ragnar,

      I agree with you. Look at how many “Republicans” turn out to be phony and often downright despicable human beings? Paul Ryan, John McCain, Willard Romney, Dennis (Pedophile) Hastert, and other assorted nefarious scum.
      I think the only non-criminal politician I know is President Donald Trump. If all the News Media, Democrats and Republicans could not indict, much less convict him of any crime in the last 7 years? You know he was SQUEAKY CLEAN.

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