United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is the entity that runs the Catholic Church in the US. They are notoriously anti-gun and support as much as they can all prohibitions to carry in houses of prayer. Add to that that there are very few churches that are not attached to a Catholic school and what you have a is a vast network of Gun Free Zones waving the Vatican flag.

So, I do indeed wonder when some nutjob with the desire of getting a body count or claim justice for some faux-oppressed group or just plainly some anti-papist Kukler will decide to use Sunday Mass as target practice.

I wish I could go to Mass more than once or twice a year but fuck if I am going to risk my life because some purple cassocked assholes in Washington D.C. say I can’t carry inside a church.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

9 thoughts on “I wonder when one Catholic Church will be attacked.”
  1. typical liberal onclave… anti gun for everyone EXCEPT them… more and more I am looking at “carry everywhere except places with metal detectors and stay the fuk outta them places”. the gfz is a death trap. the way things are going the worst that would happen is you would be in trouble not dead… sheep are not going to wake up till its too late.

  2. In your state, does such a prohibition have the force of law? In some states it does, others it doesn’t (NH is in the latter category from what I’m told). So if they catch you, you can be told to leave and charged with trespass if you don’t, but that’s the extent of it.

  3. Ever since the anti pro-life crowd turned violent, I do.

    Self and defense of the innocent is not contradictory with Christianity, Catholics are allegedly Christian. Even Jesus admonished His followers to acquire the means to defend themselves before being led to His “trial”.

    The Bishops will wiring their hands and cry; pleading for gun bans and more social justice. For all that will accomplish.

  4. I’m assuming that like most religious organizations, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is a non-profit, probably a 501(c)(3)?
    At what point does advocating for a particular political view/cause or supporting certain political candidates or parties become too egregious to maintain their “apolitical” non-profit status?
    (Yea, I know the answer: It becomes too much when they advocate or support conservative causes or candidates, even when it’s what their Scriptures demand. They can push abortion rights, “gun free zones”, open borders, etc. — and candidates who support those things — all they want with zero repercussions. But the second they advocate for gun rights, border control, or anything “pro-life”, the IRS will shut them down and send a SWAT team to seize their files to determine how many years of back taxes they owe.)

  5. Two things:
    First, having a school attached to a Catholic Church around here is an exception, rather than a rule. And I can only think of two in a 20 mile radius where the school is on Church grounds. The schools here are typically on separate property.

    Second, Nearly every Catholic dude I know ignores the no gun clause and carries anyhow. Ain’t no one checking, and there’s no metal detectors. Most of the Catholic churches I’ve attended don’t even post the “can’t carry in here” signs any longer.

    I’ve had parish managers talk to me about how they could have those that carry, attend packing heat after the first church shooting.

    It’s all BS.

    1. Having a school attached to a Catholic Church might be the exception rather than the rule, but having a Catholic School without an attached church, chapel, cathedral, or some other place to worship?
      Catholic Churches are everywhere, with and without schools.
      But Catholic Schools without a church/chapel/etc. attached are rare. If you go to that Church for Sunday Mass, it’s still a federal Gun Free Zone because it’s a school during the week.
      (Not just Catholic Schools, either. Any religious school of any faith is much more likely to have a church/chapel/temple/etc. on-site that does a normal weekly service outside of school hours. But because it’s “on school grounds”, it’s a Gun Free Zone.)

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