The fixed blade, the patches, the ungroomed beard, I refuse to believe this is a real sheriff’s deputy.

He looks to me like some jackass with delusions of grandeur who spent all his money at Galls.

I most certainly would be calling 9-1-1 and demanding to have a real cop shop up, because I’m expecting that I’m going to be shaken down.

If he is a real deputy, he and his sheriff need to be fired.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “I would be calling 9-1-1”
  1. I would call 911 and say that an armed male appears to be posing as a cop and illegally is holding you.

    “Armed” is the trigger word here… pun intended.

    Then get the popcorn and wait for the show.

  2. first thing before I said a word to this guy would be 9-1-1. once they were on the line let them speak to this “thing”…

  3. No badge, no cover, “punisher” logo in public view, “double tap” patch right above that … Yeah, that registers on the hinkometer.

  4. Not only that, but the handgun on his vest is a Taser, and even though he has magazines on his vest, I don’t see an actual handgun, unless it’s on a drop leg.

  5. This was a sovereign citizen, and I believe this started later than the original video. If my memory is right, this was not the first officer on the scene. The clowns in the car knew perfectly well this was an officer.

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