I’d say peak San Francisco but I know it’s not

He thought his Chihuahua escaped and fell seven stories. The truth was more sinister, SF cops say

Wakeen Best, a 35-year-old homeless woman, was arrested in connection with the dog’s death, according to police.

A jury found Best guilty on felony animal cruelty, vandalism and burglary charges on Friday, according to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón. The trial lasted three weeks, but jury deliberations only took a day.

“This defendant showed no remorse and is responsible for the death of a little, defenseless animal,” Gascón said in a statement, adding that the verdict is “a small step toward bringing justice for Dunky.”

Best targeted the man’s Mercedes because it was “the fanciest car she saw” on the seventh story of the garage that afternoon, according to prosecutors.

Video and audio from the parking garage captured the crime as it happened, according to police. The perpetrator can be heard on the video screaming profanity at Dunky for yapping, though the video doesn’t show the attacker, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

“Shut yo ass up,” the culprit yells twice at the dog in the recording, according to the Chronicle.

Meanwhile, the car’s alarm is screeching in the background.

Best’s public defender said it wasn’t her client who killed the dog or who was heard in that recording, according to the Chronicle. But the public defender did admit that another recording caught Best at the crime scene.

“We know that she knows how to do a standard smash and grab,” Deputy Public Defender Alexandra Pray said, conceding that her client has stolen from cars before, according to the San Francisco Examiner. “She is just a regular ol’ auto burglar. She’s not someone who murders animals. She’s not someone who hurts animals.”

Being a San Francisco newspaper, SacBee doesn’t mention it but Wakeen Best is a trans woman.

So homeless trans-woman is a habitual car thief, participating in one of the 30,000 car break-ins per year in the city of San Francisco and she kills this guy’s dog because it’s yapping.  Even though the car alarm is going off.

I’m going to follow this story because I want to know what the sentence will be.

A homeless black trans-woman vs. a white guy with a Mercedes.  Under any other circumstances I’d say Best would be allowed to walk, but the only hope I have for justice is that nobody likes a person who kills animals.

At this point, I’m reminded of an old video I saw about anti-car jacking security in South Africa.  If someone can tie one of these to a glass break sensor, they will  make millions.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and 30,000 car break-ins per year seems pretty desperate.

Besides, if you are the kind of person who will murder a dog to steal stuff out of a glove box, I really don’t care if you have your she-balls roasted with a flamethrower.


5 Replies to “I’d say peak San Francisco but I know it’s not”

  1. Depending on how far “she” is into transition, if “she” is sent to prison, the gubment will be on the hook to pay for continuing the transition. Would serve SF even more right.

    I feel sorry for the pup and the owner for crap like this. 🙁

  2. Being this is Frisco, and bring that the deceased is of Mexican descent, She will likely spend more time in jail/prison than the douche who shot Ms. Steinle.

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