…you win stupid prizes.

PALESTINE, Texas — Body camera footage capturing the split-second decision officers were forced to make when a suspect pulled what appeared to be a handgun has been released.

According to the Palestine Herald, Sgt. Gabriel Green and Officer Kaylynn Griffin were called to the scene May 31 after employees at a local store witnessed 47-year-old James D. Bushey attempting to steal a case of beer.

Bushey then entered a nearby restaurant and hid in a stall. While the officers were escorting him out of the building, he pulled out the replica pellet gun.
Green fired multiple shots at Bushey before Griffin, who had been armed with a TASER, pulled her weapon and also opened fire on the suspect.

Bushey died at the scene. Police later discovered the weapon was a replica made to resemble a Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun, according to the report.

Both officers have been cleared in the incident and have returned to full duty

And check this link to see the video from the male office’s camera.

If anything, amazing work from the officers reacting at the threat. Notice that Sgt. Green did not go to gun immediately but turned and pushed Mr. Bushey away, then deployed his sidearm and shot him. I think I count 11 shots from Sgt. Green alone, not sure. Officer Griffin appeared to shot three times herself.

Pucker Factor: High with the probability of heavy moisture.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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11 thoughts on “If you play stupid games… (Graphic Content)”
  1. Pulls a pellet gun on two cops armed with real guns and gets himself shot over a stolen case of BEER?? Did he think the cops were going going to scream EEEK and run away??
    Bugs Bunny said it best; “What a maroon! What a nin cow poop!”
    Gene pool’s a little cleaner at least .

  2. The “subject” was a dumb ass at least, mentally ill at worst. Looked like a justified shoot to me. I would have shot him also.

  3. This is why if you’re ccing to let the officer know you’re carrying especially if you have a gun in the glove box, police are trained “see gun=draw own gun”,

  4. Well, I hope that case of beer was worth what he ended up paying for it.

    That’s a lot of shots fired. I hope nobody got nailed by a stray.

    1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing – look at his face prior – he’s pretty calm – seems pretty collected. Maybe he just decided it was his time and he was going to go out in a flash…

  5. This guy was a moron at best. If this idiot had pulled that toy on me…I’d have shot him too! So many people seem to want COPs to only fire after being fired up upon. I wasn’t going get dead just to make some some goofy citizens who have no clue feel better.

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