Protest easy Guns Teddy RooseveltMy guess is that Protest Easy Guns is not aware that Teddy carried concealed most of his presidency and was an avid hunter and gun owner pretty much till he died.



I’ll leave to you to snark at the sheer level of stupidity of this woman.

Hat tip to Mike’s Corner.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

20 thoughts on “Ignorance in graphic display.”
    1. A BUG and/or a Tazer.

      Watching someone dance like a 120,000-volt monkey after trying to swipe an officer’s sidearm would be entertaining, to say the least.

      But wait: isn’t this why “smart guns” were invented? So that officers are safe if someone steals their guns? If so, why all the police exemptions?

  1. Hmmm, lets see, someone open carrying a pistol and at best a billy-club in Manhattan. Which would make me wish to see her try to snatch that gun from what is most likely a cop.

  2. “And I’m only partially weapons trained — there are plenty of people with better strength/skills wandering around.”

    Yeah, like the dude with the openly carried firearm right in front of you, Missy.

    That dude is carrying said openly carried firearm in Manhattan, NYC, which would indicate his likely having some sort of career in law enforcement, since openly carrying a firearm in NYC is not allowed, except for LEO or armed guards, and armed guards have pretty severe limits on them (standing in line for coffee, for example, doesn’t qualify as “actively engaged” in the security business, nor does it qualify as “traveling directly to or from work or place of residence”).

    In other words, if he’s a private security guard, openly carrying as part of his job, or on his way to work, he’s technically violating the law by stopping for coffee. He’d likely lose his permit, since the “only ones” don’t care for that kind of flagrant showing the sheeple that you are armed.

    The person in front of him also is wearing dark blue, uniform-type pants, along with dress type shoes (as opposed to his more sneaker-type or work boot-type shoes).

    Conclusion, he’s likely LEO of some sort, (as is, possibly, the guy in front of him) which means a weapon grab by a smarmy hipster know-it-all with thick-framed glasses would lead to a beat down of epic proportions for said know-it-all.

    I fully support her decision, and strongly suggest she try it. And she can post pictures of her bruised face and broken glasses when she’s done.

      1. Yeah, they are. But the picture you linked to proves my point that he is likely LEO since that is exactly the kind of pants he’s wearing. Right down to the color, and pocket placement. The female(?) cop on the end even appears to have a baton of similar style to the one pictured above (behind her left hip).

  3. Oh, how I wish this little harpy would try to come and disarm ME when I am carrying openly. She might not want to, because I have both training and practice in weapon retention, and shooting from retention.

    There will be a civil war soon, people. These little harpies can’t stand that the government can’t disarm us.

  4. Blue cargo pants with blue upper shirt, open carry, beat stick, knife, and looks to be a duty belt, she shouldnt be taken pictures of cops and threatening to take his gun

  5. Since she is “Partially trained” I doubt she could figure out the triple-retention safeguards on that holster if she tried to grab it. Whilst she be struggling with the weapon, I’m sure the officer would plant his elbow into the side of her smarmy face. I’d like to see her try it and watch her drink her meals through a straw for 3 months.

  6. The Second Amendment….”It Is An Individual American Right…….!”
    Dear Mr. Obama, Acting President or Acting King,
    As you know Sir, You serve the American People as a Whole, not just one sided, your speech regarding the Second Amendment Supporters and the NRA after the Oregon Shootings was the most “Obnoxious, Disrespectful and the Most Politicizing Speech Event” I have ever heard from a Sitting President or in your case, Acting President, in my lifetime since I was born an American in May of 1961. To Politicized and Disrespect, Americans, Firearm Owners, Veterans who served this Nation to Protect the U.S. Constitution and Its Citizens, from all enemies, foreign and domestic, for you to Disrespect Gun Rights Organizations as the NRA as Evil Americans was the most Distasteful, Disrespectful or Inept choice of words for a Speech that I have ever heard from you as Acting President…instead of consoling and being there for the grieving Oregonians of this Distasteful, Horrific Crime, you Mr. Obama, choose to “Chastised” Gun Owners like me, as “Criminals of the Second Amendment and of America”..….! As a Law Abiding Firearms Owner, NRA Member and a Second Amendment Individual Rights Supporter, I do and will not “Condone Any Criminal Acts” of Violence of any kind with firearms or other weapons to damage, hurt, injure or murder “American Citizens Engaging” in “Peaceful Events” while they are in a Public Domain such as, in a classroom at a college or in a public school system or anywhere in the public view or in venues such as public buses, restaurants, city streets, shopping malls or in their personal homes….! As you know, your being from Chicago, Illinois, the city with the failed “Strict Gun Control Policies Enacted” of which has failed the city and its residential citizens to the extent that 216 Chicago Citizens were killed by Firearms in a “Strict Gun Control Environment” in which the Systems Enacted” to control firearms by the city council and Mayor, all have failed the City of Chicago and the state of Illinois….all these Deaths occurred in the months leading up to July 31, 2015…! Sir, There are “No New Laws or Sets New of Laws” that would of made a world of difference or avoided this shooting in Oregon or any of the other shootings on your watch, as you know Mr Obama all these shooting have two things in common, they are as follows- [“All These Shooters Had Passed the Mandatory Federal Background Checks and Most of all these “ criminal shooters” had a “Mental Illness” to help Act out their Violence on Peaceful Human Beings in Peaceful Settings….!”] We Need To Fix the Mental Health Systems Reporting Issues…..!
    I Served my Country As a SR Airman of the USAF Security Forces 1980–1984 {with my C-in-C, President Ronald Wilson Reagan} and my community as a Civilian Police Officer, Now Retired;
    Sir, with all do respect to the Office of President, if there are Unjust Legislations Bills passed today or tomorrow that would curtail, suspend, confiscation through registration laws or any Unjust Legislation Bills forcing me into giving up my Second Amendment Individual Right in any form, I decry that I will not register nor surrender or give up my firearms voluntary or involuntary, as I do not believe it’s the government’s right to know how many firearms I do own nor is it prudent to tell, give or share what kind of firearms that I own with you so that may be taken away from me by a group of individuals who enjoy Secret Service or Armed Security protections, but who would decry my having the Same Protection- A Crime….! You Sir my have overstepped a line in a domain that is not yours to take… I am a USAF Security Forces Veteran of Four Years who served during the Cold War and I will not have someone who proclaims that my being a American Second Amendment Supporter, Firearms Owner and NRA Member, that the evilness of an inanimate metal object, but yet who uses a Armed Secret Service Detail for Protection, to tell me as an American with “A Constitutional Individual Right to Bear Arms”, that I may not have one….!
    Sir, I am not your minion, servant, subject or peasant, nor are you my King or Dictator, I am a man who Honorable Serve this country, my nation and its peoples along with my communities as a LEO, a man who keeps you free, I am the flesh and blood of this Nation, I am a Man who fought for this Country same as my father did as a Chosin Marine in the frozen Chosin Reservoir Battle of Korea, as did my father’s Brothers in WW2, middle-one landed in Normandy and older brother, Lt Cmdr. XO, who served on the USS Wilkes-Barre and my father’s Dad, a First Lt. in the Army Air Corps during WW1 and my Cousin, a SGT. who served in the Vietnam War in 1967 as a Marine station at DaNang, South Vietnam….I am an American, a USAF Security Forces Veteran and a Cherokee Native American by one/third blood…. You will not tell to disarm or register my firearms because of the actions of some “Evil Man or Woman”…. I will not register my firearms or be disarmed to suit the Fear that has been established by the Media and or with your displeasure and misinformation campaign against the U.S Constitution, the American Second Amendment, Its Supporters, the NRA and its Citizens…!
    We the People of America, deserved better than you, Mr. Obama…!
    Myron Zawoiski/Tom Zavoy
    Senior Airman United States Air Force, Security Forces
    Senator Mitch McConnell, Please with Extreme Prejudice…Protect the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment Individual Rights for all Americans…!

  7. Well said Myron,we need alot more like you on our side.Obama and Hillary are showing all real Americans disrespect as a fellow American and as intelligent human beings.I would also say thank you for serving our Country and safely returning.God Bless.

  8. It’d be interesting to see if she could manage to even get the gun out of that holster…

    Looks like a Safariland. Those who know how to open them, can do so quickly, and stealing a gun from them is simplicity itself … but only if you know how they open. Otherwise, you’re just yanking on his belt and pissing him off.

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