Don’t freak out…much. I am working on it and trying to make it available for all formats since there are weird people that no longer use desktops and almost exclusively them “smart” phone <cough J Kb cough>.

I think the one I chose is neat and a wee bit more pleasing to the eye., but I want to make sure I don’t miss anything and also prune out some stuff no longer relevant.

One thing I did get in this new theme is that the authors of the post will be more clearly defined. I know this was a point of contention among many readers.

Incidentally, the Presidential Blog Pool came and went and unfortunately for the participants and country in general, nobody won.

UPDATE: As you can probably (and hope) see, we are up and running the new theme.  Go through the site and let me know how do you like it and any suggestions you may have.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

53 thoughts on “I’ll be changing the website look. (UPDATE: I clicked the Wrong/Right button)”
  1. Good. I often read this blog on my phone and sometimes it would drive me nuts trying to figure out which one of you wrote a post. Especially when I first started.

  2. You need to learn to manually put the cut point. There isn’t enough info on the front page about the content on the article.

    WP puts a limited amount of text from the article on the front page by default. You can override it.

    You want at least a full paragraph and if you have an image of interest, that should show also.

    I happen to prefer full articles on the front page with comments on the click through. But that is a single opinion. Compromise is good in this case.

      1. I was going to comment I prefer the whole article on the page. But I’m viewing on a PC. It does scale nicely to an ultrawide monitor though – so good job there.

  3. FYI Miguel: Website shows ok with “Brave” browser on cel, tablet & PC. Haven’t tried “Chrome” on mobile devices but on PC the website is missing the black banner on top (Gun Free Zone) but everything else shows. Probably the ad-blocker or script-script blocker I have installed on the PC.

  4. So some comments, based on reading on a Lenovo Tab M8 tablet (fits in a pocket, bigger than a phone) I use as a daily web browser and e-book. Viewing on the Vivaldi browser (based on the Chrome engine).

    Generally looks good, if a little “TTAGy.”

    I find the crawl annoying, but that’s me.

    In the comments section, replies are not showing up as indented, which makes it difficult to follow back-and-forths. Example, above re spelling; it made sense only because I saw it before you hit the button.

    Color pallette and fonts show up well.

    Re the presidential pool … *Sigh*.

      1. Yes, I guess my eyeballs still need to get used to it. The main difficulty is how wide stuff is (on the 16:9 screen). There’s a rule of book design that wide lines make things hard to read, which is why newspapers have columns and why landscape orientation books (there are some) use multiple columns.

    1. Loads okay on a Motorola G7 power running the latest Firefox browser.

      An issue with the comments – between the whitespace on the left, and the large avatars, the comment text only goes about halfway across the screen, from the middle to the wide right margin. Hard to read the long ones, especially. Let me know if you want a screen shot.

  5. Ack! What is this??? Did I click the wrong bookmark? Where’s GFZ? Did the domain registration expire? Was it hacked? Everything’s wrong this morning!!!!!
    Well, it is Monday. And National Gorilla Suit Day to boot! Maybe things will make more sense tomorrow.

  6. I am with Ah Clem. Old, and reject change.

    It holds promise, and we will get used to it.

    On a non-style point:
    “Incidentally, the Presidential Blog Pool came and went and unfortunately for the participants and country in general, nobody won.”
    Not sure I agree. Had pResident gone away, we would have Madame pResident Mattress and the Second Gentleman running the executive branch. I kind of think the country might have won a small victory there.

  7. For those of us that don’t surf the internet on our smart phones, this “upgrade” sucks the big one. I suspect that I will be visiting your website with less frequency.

    Oh well it was good while it lasted……

  8. Gotta say I don’t like the new theme. You used to be able to read each post without clicking on each one, and that was nice.

    It does look pretty though.

  9. Miguel, esteemed Bloghost: no weeping? No wailing? No lamentations?

    Capitalism of ideas: “buy, or not. Either way, have a nice day!”

    Somebody missed the “your blog, your rules. Free ice cream!” bit.

  10. I have to admit I was a bit alarmed seeing the change, but I come here for the articles not for the webdesign, and I’ll get used to it.

    First ‘bug’ I noticed was that the ‘Gun Free Zone’ banner at the top, when clicked, opens the same article in a new tab, and that’s it. I expected to be taken to the homepage.

    Also, maybe you’re already working on this but I liked the ability to read posts in full from the homepage.

  11. Well, was not gonna comment again as J.Kb wished death upon me and my kin just because we refused to move, but I do have a potential criticism.

    For me at least, I would prefer that the links to the next post happen after the the comments (because the comments are as good as the posts), but I can also understand why you moved then to where you did. Just input, I own nothing here and you owe me nothing. Also will not stop me from coming and reading, will just improvise, adapt, and overcome.

  12. My only issue is the amount of text on the front page. WordPress has a built in feature in the editor for “Read more” which is what the theme is suppose to use to determine where the cut off is.

    The theme you are using “newsup” does not follow that feature. In fact they want you to upgrade to the “pro” version to get control over how much shows on the front page. It might be worth it.

    Over all, the look is a bit cleaner. I’m not unhappy with it. It will take a few days before I can “enjoy it” but that is what change does to old farts.
    Oh, you need to update the link associated with the title bar. It use to take you to “”. Now it takes you to the current page.

      1. As soon as you set up the donation page to not use paypuke, I’ll send $20 toward the upgrade.
        Whispers (don’t tell nobody I said you’re doing real good for amateurs). ;-))

  13. Do not like the change but, I can live with it if it’s OK for other folks…Being an old fart I do not like change so only do this if you have to for some reason. HATE the crawl as it is distracting and annoying too.

  14. I’m going to have to fall on the “I don’t like it” side. One thing I liked a lot, was being able to read a post in its entirety, without having to click on each one to open it.

  15. Totes skippy on my desktop. Much cellphone chic. Not that I’ll ever read on a cellphone because they don’t make ’em with 19″ monitors.

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