Black Hammer is a viciously racist, Antiseimetic, anti-American communist group.

They gained notoriety a few days ago with Tweets about burning the Diary of Anne Frank and calling her a colonizer.

This is such concentrated hatred that there is literally nothing rational I can say against it.  It will fall on deaf ears, so it’s not worth my time.

This group decided to create their own independent commune up in the mountains of Colorado, called Hammer City.

I’m not an agricultural scientist, but most crops do not do well above 5,000 feet.  It’s hard for most vegetation to survive above 7,000 feet.  Just read up on high-altitude gardening sometimes.  The variety of adaptable plants is limited and the yields are low.

Moreover, what they say is “RICH soil!” looks a lot like rocky mountain terrain.

A radical communist commune full of angry, resentful people with few skills, bound together by a burning, vitriolic hatred of anyone that doesn’t look like them.

That sounds like the basis of a strong, self-reliant, stable civilization.

On second thought… probably not.

Honestly, I hope they all stay up there, isolated from the rest of “Amerikkka.”  I encourage more of their ideological comrades to join them.

I really hope they are true to their word that they want to cut themselves off from the colonizers they hate so much.

if they do, I guarantee that they will all starve to death or die of cold by February and they will have deserved their fate.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “I’m going to let them do their thing and I honestly hope more people join them”
    1. I think the Donner party was way more intelligent than this crowd. These seem to be Trofym Lysenko’s idiot offspring.
      The famous line “think of it as evolution in action” comes to mind (from “Oath of Fealty” by Niven & Pournelle).

  1. They will be fine as long as they dont try to sell short barreled shotguns to the atf……
    Or when crops fail and it snows 9 months outta the year they wil cry to daddy gubmint to come save em…

    1. That should be the rule. If you decide to create your own racist civilization away from the rest of us, you don’t get to call on the outside for help or flee when it starts to crumble. We should have walled the CHAZ off and let it come to its natural conclusion of the rape, starvation, and murder of all of its denizens.

  2. But we all will miss out on the advances in medicine, chemistry and math that their culture is known for. Oh, never mind, I need to listen to WAP again, the acme of culture.

    Going Macabbean – re-zeroing my M1A for a BF0 at 300 yards rather than worrying about subMAO on paper at 500 meters as well as checking on zeros for some other communicative devices designed for short and medium enviro’s rather than spending some time at my local synagogue over Shabbos.

  3. So when they say ‘liberate’, do they mean they bought it or that they’re squatting on someone else’s (or gov’t) land?

    Couple months they’re going to be singin’ ‘Baby it’s cold outside’.

  4. That was an interesting page.

    I especially liked how they’re establishing committees to research stuff that’s been in textbooks for at least decades, often centuries. But I guess they don’t want “colonial” science either. Okay. Have fun with that.

  5. With any luck the ones that don’t starve or freeze will be eaten by bears, pumas,, wolves or coyotes.

  6. 200 acres of land in the high rockies? Not sure how many people plan on living there but I’d be surprised if any more than a small family could eke out a living on that. I wonder how many of them have any farming experience, or are they of the “What’s so hard, plant some seeds, pour a little water on the ground, and the plants grow” school of unban gardening?

  7. They “liberated” land? Sounds like that could be colonizing it right back…..

    Also what does yt mean?

  8. Yeah, they liberated the land from whom? The will probably allow them to stay because the Feds are morons. An individual property owner might get them off the land.

  9. What ever happened to Good Pillow???

    Besides, liberating land usually means you kicked the interlopers off and returned it to the rightful owners. Maybe I am a bit off the beam here, but I do not recall learning about a tribe of black native Americans living in the CO mountains.

    So, the Europeans “stole” the land, and they stole it from the Europeans, and the original occupants have… well… been doubly screwed I guess.

    And, justice is served.

  10. Maybe they’re hoping to find a magic meteor and build a cloistered, technologically-advanced society, isolated and hidden under the illusion of a commune of farmers and sheep-herders.

    “Black Hammer” == Wakanda Forever!

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