My big kit came is in a blue zippered bag that is nothing but that: no compartments or even a simple separation which means it does not matter how you fix the bag, the moment you move it, contents shift and the stuff you want no longer can be located where you left it . I like the old school paramedic had cases that look like they stole the idea from the bass fishermen and painted it orange but I see the new flavor is the soft case and tend to be a buttload cheaper that whatever you can find in hard cases.

This is the ugly old sucker. Size is about 13.5″ by 9″ x 9″. The replacement can be bigger, no problem. But it has to have some sort of pockets/division where I can keep stuff in one place and find it when I need it.

Open to your suggestions. I am cheap, so used in good condition is an approved alternative.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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18 thoughts on “In need of a Paramedic bag/case and affordable.”
  1. SOG Responder bag. No internal pockets (but has molle webbing inside so you can hand interior pouches), large-ish exterior pockets.

    $20 on Amazon.

  2. We have the system in three stages. We have IFAK which are in small containers, some as small as lozenge tins. From that we go to the Condor Ripaway pouches. These mount to a hook&loop backer which is molle compatible. I have the backer on the back of the truck seat, my hydration pack, my Get Out Of Dodge Expeditiously (GOODE) bag, and the inside of my EDC bag. I only have two FAKs but the family has more. I move the kit from backer to backer as needed. Normally those two stay mounted in the truck and EDC.

    Oh, they have Hook and Loop areas for patches, so we do have first aid patches on some of them. They come in different colors. We have a couple that are red, the rest are in desert tan.

    From there we upgrade to just about any of the current “tactical”style bags. My EDC is a Hazard 4 MOD. Lots of pockets to hold things in an organized fashion. Hook and Loop inside to hold multiple pouches. Or mount on the molle ladders.
    The MOD is just the Ditch with a cover and shoulder strap. Take your pick of this style of bag from a good vendor and you will be happy.

    We also have a EMT bag from years ago but it is one large compartment and three medium compartments. We keep it just because.

    Now if I could just choose a good range bag…

      1. Thank you. I looked at them and had one in the cart, ready to checkout until I got to the shipping costs. That took it over the threshold of pain. I ended up ordering a Hazard 4 M.P.C. with no shipping costs. This looks more like a cooler than a range bag which was something I was looking for. Has a bunch of dividers to help hold things in place. And it has my molle ladder so it will get a FAK on the outside.

    1. My problem with range bags is trying to keep it down to just 2 or 3. One per class of gun, one with all the cleanup and patch-me-up stuff…

      I can see it now, show up at a range with a rolling tool case… Hmmm, they have those tool box things at Lowes that have wheels.. Naw… ummm…. naw…..hmmmm….

  3. Buy something made in the USA, rather than cheap foreign you-know-what. I would go modular,with different pouches and zip-bags to segregate different types of items, make access faster and also making replacement easier (many items have recommended “use-by” dates and items with adhesives or plastics tend to degrade faster when stored in an automobile in the heat. Just for ideas–although it sounds as if you only need the bag itself, check out

    Also, bags with external webbing and zip-pockets allow you to add extra gear.

  4. This is coming from the husband of a MD w/ CDO tendencies (OCD w/ letters in correct order) who has teenagers at home. We use 3 ring zipper binders (remember Trapper Keeper?) and scrap book inserts. Go to your local scrapbook store there are a ton of plastic pages to hold all different sizes and shaped stuff on a page. Many button up, zip or fold in such a way as they cannot be dumped. Easy to put in page separators to label stuff for poison, burns, wounds etc. Many have large zipper pockets for splints, ace wraps etc. and the have built in carry handle/ shoulder straps. Cheaper then dedicated built for devices and modular.

  5. I used this as a starting point for my “home” kit–

    I added this in blue (they don’t seem to offer blue anymore) as my “drugs and supplies” home bag, but it should fit your need (mine’s several years old now but mostly sits on the closet shelf)–

    This one is bigger–

    I’ve had good results with ergodyne workwear and other bags. YMMV.


  6. I use a smaller (about 6×8″) zippered binder with insert baggies like Phenicks uses, tucked into the blue bag as OTC drug storage. I cut the dose panel off the packaging and put it in the sleeve with the med. Mine is a bait storage organizer for fishing lures. Don’t have a handy link.


  7. Last thought if you are super thrifty… I use Tamrac camera bags (and similar high end camera bags) as range bags, and you could use them as medic bags too. The ones that are similar in size to the linked ergodyne bag are commonly available in thrift stores for less than $5 or $10. They are super heavy duty, have great zippers and straps, are padded, and don’t look like range bags. They DO look like camera bags, so theft is still an issue.

    If you are out in the thrift stores looking, keep your eyes open. Or check ebay for used…


  8. Just saw this: $12.99 Cabela’s “Catch-All gear Bag”

    I have a half a dozen, a bit tiny for my “one is none, two is one, seven is just about right” packing philosophy. Your mileage may vary, and IMHO, a reasonable consideration.

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