Handyman Muhammad Rodwan, 56, who launched the ferocious machete attack on Pc Outten, was found guilty at the Old Bailey of wounding with intent but not guilty of attempted murder.

He was also cleared of possession of an offensive weapon. He had argued that, as a handyman, he used his machete as a tool.

Rodwan, who has previous convictions for rape and two machete attacks, claimed he acted in self defence, telling police: “My life is worth more than his life.”

Convicted rapist cleared of attempted murder of ‘Britain’s bravest cop’ Pc Stuart Outten

Found the video of the attack:

Pc Outten was lucky that his taser worked as advertised and managed to stop the attack, but no without consequences.

The attack left him with six wounds to the head, skull fractures, arm injuries and broken figures – after a simple request to stop for a traffic offence.

His attacker got only sentenced for “wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm.”  Sentence to be given this coming Friday (I’ll try to update)

In the meantime and back in the US of A:

I think the officer may have suffered a paper cut filling the reports of the incident.

Hat Tip Mad Ogre.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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9 thoughts on “In the formerly Great Britain: Chop a cop with a machete, get a slap on the wrist.”
  1. Note: he hasn’t been sentenced yet, and in the original article was this line: “Wounding with intent carries a maximum term of life in prison.”

    So no slap on the wrist as of yet.

    1. I say slap of the wrist because I checked other similar cases and they gotten under 5 years.
      I do hope to be very wrong….but the guy was free after two mother similar convictions.

  2. How do you maintain any kind of trust and morale among the rank and file as it were with this kind of crap? “Hey thanks for catching that machete with your face but we don’t want to look like we’re too hard on the poor X group sooooooo.”

    I don’t think I could face my officers after this came down unless it was with whoever pulled this bull trussed up for a pinata party.

  3. Wow, the British courts bend over backwards for non-Anglo Saxons.

    You can get arrested for carrying a potato peeler if you are of Scottish blood.

    If not, you can have two prior convictions for machete attacks and still claim you need your machete for work. What work? Chopping off heads?

  4. Check the criminal’s first name.

    It will be a slap on the wrist if anything at all. Probably walks with a sentence of time served.

    That country is lost. It has become the latest member of the islamic caliphate.

    1. Actually, in retrospect, I am sure the judge will be lenient because they do not want to be accused of islamophobia or discrimination against the nations newest ethnic group.

      After all, the muslims have been so abused throughout history (citations needed), and even in today’s enlightened times, attacks against muslims because of their religion are documented daily (citation needed). It is this rampant discrimination that the judge will be considering when handing down the sentence. After all, across the globe, muslims are being fired from jobs because of their religion (citations needed), they are being physically attacked in the streets (citations needed), and verbally harassed as a regular course of their day. (citations needed).

      Thanks to Reps Tilab and Omar for reminding us daily of the rampant, worldwide abuse that muslims suffer daily.

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