Florida GOP : What were you expecting?

A bit more on Frank Guttenberg:

Fred Guttenberg and Manuel and Patricia Oliver — the parents of two students who died at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School — broke that mold Tuesday as they appeared in TV ads for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine, the first ads in the race to feature Parkland parents.

Parents of school shooting victims hope endorsement will swing governor’s race

Fred Guttenberg in an ad for Levine.

Seriously, what the hell were you expecting? You voted for the Gun Control laws and millions of dollars in aid that will go to the pockets of selected friends and somehow you thought they were going to pay you back with their endorsements and votes in November?

And you lost untold number of votes by alienating us.

I shall now cuss via a meme that expresses my sentiments.


Venezula’s gas prices: The Socialist Irony is so thick.

Almost 30 years ago, there was a social dislocation in Venezuela called El Caracazo. It was about a week of riots, looting and murder during the Presidency of Carlos Andres Perez and it was all about rising the price of the heavily subsidized liter of gasoline all of 25 cents or the equivalent of a tad more than  a quarter of an US penny. That led to the eventual impeachment of Perez and the rise of Hugo Chavez.

The riots were not a popular uprising as the Narrative have pushed, but very well crafted events by the Left. I learned many important lessons I have shares through the years here in this blog, but the most important thing about El Caracazo is that it was step one into what eventually led to what we are seeing happen in Venezuela today. Yes, the assholes are that patient, but then again most of those behind the first move are forgotten, in jail, left the country or died.

This is the price of liter of gasoline in  Venezuela:

That would be $0.04 per gallon of very heavily subsidized gasoline in Venezuela. Back in the late 70s and early 80s, the warning was given that the prices were not even covering production prices and that it was draining resources unnecessarily. I remember somebody making the calculation that the country was losing $3 a minute because of the subsidies.

Now, I bring all this because an announcement the Maduro Regime made recently:

Venezuela petrol prices need to rise to global levels to prevent fuel smuggling, says Nicolás Maduro.

The excuse among many is that smuggling gas is big issue and unless you have the Party ID, you will be paying the “international price”:  $1.15 per liter or $4.35 the gallon. Of course the truth might be that since Venezuela’s refineries are in such disrepair, the government had to resort to import gasoline, Venezuela’s oil income is in the gutter, Maduro cannot longer afford to keep the bullshit up and reality has to come crashing down on almost everybody but a select few Party Members.

Venezuela is Paying the Piper a grossly overdue bill with interest and penalties.


TDS Watch: Lower Taxes are a crime.

And today we stroll ourselves over the dictionary and get the definition of “profiteer.”

Why the Word-Of-The-Day class? Because accordingly to one “Assachusetts” mayor, if you partook in the benefits of the Trump’s tax cuts (A.K.A. getting more of your money paid in taxes back) you are some sort of criminal.

Let’s go over that again: You work or invest all year and the Federal government takes a chunk out of the income you make for your labor and taxes are the tool to do so.

Tax Cuts are enacted and you get to keep more of the money you generated. Again, you did the work, toiled, spent time busting your butt to get that money in a legal way so you can enjoy the benefits of your labor. But according to the Mayor of the City of Sommerville (Democrat and member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns), you are a despicable criminal.

Let’s summarize: If you are willing to defend yourself and dare to keep more of the money you make, you are a criminal. Scum of the Earth.

Whomever said that the Democratic Party is shifting towards Socialism is wrong. The shift is over, they are Socialists.

The mentality has not changed much through the years.

They just became multi-ethic in their way of thinking. And interesting the way even back then they used service in the military as an excuse to restrict gun ownership for civilians. You wanna play with guns? Join the Military!

No one ever entertained the idea of indiscriminate arming of blacks, without putting them in ranks, and subjecting them to control. There could be no inhumanity greater than that of placing arms in the hands of the blacks of the South, and letting them roam over the land, committing indiscriminate murder and devastation. It was to avoid that that he would have the negroes mustered into service The blacks would otherwise fall Into excesses which would have to be corrected by the strong arm of the nation.

Chicago Tribune, July 10, 1862