Kilted to Kick Cancer 2015. Let’s get this done!

Kilted to Kick Cancer has started again and a dutiful gun blogger, it is time I throw my support behind one of the teams. This year Gun Free Zone selects Team Dragon from Dennis Badurina of Dragon Leatherworks.

Ambulance Driver has the list of the initial prize table and as usual is full of goodies.

I’ll have another post with more details but let’s get ready to kick some serious cancer’s ass!


Another “End of the World” freakout.

The big Gun Controls groups have not caught wind of this story yet from what I have seen.
Armed with reason bar gun range

Other than the fact that already some private ranges already sell alcohol in the Gunshine State and have been doing so for years without incident and that there are establishments nearby or next door to may ranges across the country, I have to ask one very important question in the appropriate mockingly urgent tone of voice:

What is going to be next? Build bars next to parking lots? Do we really need places that sell booze surrounded by cars? Do they not understand the danger?

Yes, that stupid.

CSGV almost reaching bottom. Desperation must be setting in.

CSGV Rule of law

I guess their money problems are worst than I thought if they need to be rousing their Laddites with such loaded question. And, of course, the replies are spectacular.

CSGV Rule of law 2

I had to save three comments in particular for their high levels of cognitive dissonance, way above what EPA mandates:

CSGV Rule of law 1

CSGV should market tin foil hats made from recycled aluminum, I bet they will sell rather well with this crowd.

I almost forgot: I said “almost bottom” because they have not yet started lay blanket accusations of Child Molestation against gun owners. But do not be surprised if they get to that eventually.

That is some impressive shooting.

The competition is called Stangskyting and according to Google Translate means “Rod Shooting.” Bolt action rifles with 5 round magazines and a time limit of 25 seconds at targets 200 yards away.

The young lady in the video placed 16 shots in that time frame (38.4 rounds per minute) and according to what I can see in the video monitor at her right, she made at least 11 holes in the silhouette.

Hat Tip to Ed Head in Shooting Illustrated Magazine.

I guess we wore out another CSGV Intern.

Internship description
Join the gun violence prevention movement! Inform the nation about the need for stricter gun laws and learn how to fight the gun lobby on Capitol Hill.

Source: Internship (Washington): CSGV Intern –


But the perks are fantastic!

CSGV internships are unpaid, but hours are flexible. Internships are offered during the fall, spring, and summer and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Undergraduate, graduate and law students are all encouraged to apply. All internships involve some minor administrative duties.

A lawyer that works for free? Sure. And I bet he/she comes with corduroy jacket with elbow patches bought sometimes before Monica L. was famous.

John Fox, manacled hand and foot by his pirate captors

“I didn’t bring my gun, Can I borrow yours?”

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

According to an arrest report, Bloomfield and another man drove to CAD Auto Parts in a gray 2012 BMW. Deputies said Bloomfield peered into the office and then walked away. They said the second man then looked into the office and told the victim, “Sorry, wrong address.”

Surveillance video shows a man, believed to be Bloomfield, walk back into the office and order the victim to the ground at gunpoint. Deputies said Bloomfield pistol-whipped the victim when he was slow getting to the ground.Bloomfield then rummaged through the victim’s pockets, deputies said.During the struggle, the victim was able to grab Bloomfield’s gun and shot him five times in the chest.

Source: 1 arrested after victim shoots armed robber at Oakland Park business, deputies say | News – Home

I am all for the shooting of bad guys, but I admit I smiled when the “Victim” pistol-whipped Mr. Bloomfield back and with added extras after the gun either jammed or went dry.

Bold & decisive action won the fight.

What do Modern Scotsmen have under the kilt? Apparently nothing.

SHOPPERS were shocked to see a police officer buying lunch in a supermarket while fully armed. He was pictured last week carrying his microwave meal, a bag of cookies and soft drink – with a holstered handgun hanging from his gun belt.His taser gun and CS gas spray were also visible as he left Tesco in Redding, near Falkirk.

One shopper said: “He stood out from the crowd and did not look as though he was on duty never mind attending any sort of 999 call.

Source: Pictured: Shoppers stunned as Police Scotland officer buys lunch in Scots supermarket while fully armed – Daily Record

What the hell happen to Scotland? Did kilts have suddenly become mini skirts? The simple sight of a gun in the belt of a police officer sends them under then bed and chewing on their collective blankies?

Last October, Chief Constable Sir Stephen House said armed officers would only be deployed when “firearms offences are taking place or where there is a threat to life”

OK, that explains it. Maybe their contract with the Psychic Friends Network expired and they don’t have advance warning anymore.

I hate to say it, but the UK is getting dumber that California. Not a small feat.