Even political Bull has to bow to the hindsight of evidence

A sad case from Austin.

AUSTIN (KXAN) — A man who feared for his — and his family’s — safety shot and killed a man who had run away from a South Austin group home Monday morning, according to Austin police. Investigators say the shooting happened just before 6:30 a.m. in the 10200 block of Brantley Bend. A few minutes before the shooting, several 911 calls came in reporting a man who had been walking around the neighborhood banging on doors.

When the man went to a home on Brantley Bend, he banged on the door and was able to force his way into the front entryway.

via Homeowner shoots, kills man trying to enter his home | KXAN.com.

The intruder turned out to be an Autistic male and as the article euphemistically puts it “forced” his way in. Our good friends at the Cult Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence did not wast time:

CSGV Autistic man

After some of their own members pointed out that the man had actually gained access to a home with children in it, they somewhat changed the tune.

CSGV Autistic man 1

Yesterday, the lawyer for the family shared a photograph of the damage caused by the man to the door as he broke into the house.

Csgv autistic man 3

Gene Anthes, the attorney representing homeowner John Daub, provided a photo, which he said proves 24-year-old Jared James tried to force his way into the home and Daub never opened the door for him. Austin police confirmed the damage in the photo was how the door looked when they arrived.

via Photo reveals damage to home after deadly shooting.

This was not a drunken teenager asking to get in, this is serious damage to a front door by somebody with strength. To demand a father to risk his life and the life of his family on the off-chance that the person on the other side of the door would actually have good intentions after creating splinters, is just several magnitudes of stupid.

This simply was a sad event for all involved.

Did the Brady Campaign set itself up for a libel lawsuit?

I am doing my ritual morning perusal through the Opposition’s Facebook pages and I find the latest from the Brady Bunch.

Brady Campaign Zimmerman Libel 0

Nothing unusual. George still is having issues with women (But that is another post altogether) so I click on the link to read the Brady Press Release and I almost fell off the chair:

According to Don West, Zimmerman’s attorney, his client threw a wine bottle in his girlfriend’s direction during the incident.

Brady Campaign Zimmerman Libel 2


I had read several news items and in all what I saw was Mr. West commenting on what the warrant said it allegedly  happened. However the language of the  press release by Dan Gross appears to say that Mr. West is confirming that the event happened as such.

I have very high doubts that Don West said such thing as it is not his first time at the judicial rodeo, so I am inclined to say somebody in the Brady Campaign got stupid and tried to play with words to appear somewhat butch and relevant which may result in legal action against them.

Here is a bigger screen cap of the press release and a PDF version  of it:

Brady Campaign Zimmerman Libel 3


I expect that somebody will tell Brady to wise up and change the press release…but the Internet is forever.

They don’t think things through much, do they?

One simple regulation, (retired US Air Force Col. Morris ) Davis explained, could be password-protected locks on guns, similar to those used with iPhones. Offering an example, he said the toddler who accidentally killed his mother recently in Walmart would never have been able to use the gun he found in his mother’s purse if it had a lock. He also claimed that firearm thefts could decrease if robbers could not unlock weapons.

via Guns Will Probably Kill More Young Americans Than Car Accidents in 2015, Study Says | VICE News.

Retired US Air Force Col. Morris Davis, is prime example why other fighting forces have the Air Force at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to fighting on the ground. Only an idiot can conceive the idea that when you need a gun (and usually in a hurry), you should have to waste several precious seconds to enter a password under the stress of an adrenalin dump. I am sure the bad guy will give you all the time you need to unlock the gun and shoot him, right?

With murders and accidental deaths by firearms declining, the Opposition never forgets to add suicides to the numbers in order to fatten them and make noise. But what struck me as utterly idiotic is the assumption that somehow password-protected firearms are going to cut down on suicides. If the person already owns the gun, he would also know the password so, what the hell is it good for?

If Gun Control activists were actually worried about people committing suicide, they would have spent tons of the monies they get from Bloomberg and other bored billionaires on trying to fix our mental health care system.  Instead they waste time blaming the oven for the burning buns.


Revisiting the idea of a truck gun.

If you are not revisiting your plans after what happened in France, you better get start doing some.

First, let’s revisit a video:

Now, I do believe in recording for posterity events like this. But I also believe that we are better served if we do not need to do so because we had a long gun instead of a smart phone. So, if you don’t have a rifle, get one. It does not need to be a fancy four-figure AR, it could be a plain used Savage bolt action (good rifles for a decent price) but have one, have it sighted. Just hitting one of the two jackasses above would have cut a lot of the grief and chaos we saw on TV.

But what happens if you are not at home and you see this crap happening from street level? (We are going to dispense with the “My first duty is to make sure that I am safe and I get to run away” chat for this post and we are gonna be thinking Urban Encounter)  Here is where the concept of a Truck Gun comes into play.

First of all and I forgot to point this out on a previous post: Make sure you have a way to secure your Truck Gun in your vehicle. Let’s go above and beyond on security and not just the bare minimum even if it is legal.

We will be needing a portable gun (Non-NFA to keep both cost an rectal pains down) that shoots a caliber that will deliver enough energy up to 100 yards. In my opinion, the bottom of the list would be the .357 Magnum followed by .44 Magnum. Yes, both are pistol rounds but both will get nasty out off a long barrel with the .357 Magnum behaving almost like a .30-30 which is not something to sneeze at. The gun for this two calibers? Either a take-down lever action (If you could find one not so damned expensive) or the Rossi Ranch Hand pistol.

Next, any of the Pistol version of the AR or the AK. Even with a shortened barrel, they will be delivering plenty of power.

The ballistics of both are well-known and capable for the 75-100 yard range even though we would probably be shooting at lesser range. 20-round mags on both for ease of manipulation.

Last, a shotgun: Mossberg Maverick Over/Under Shotgun.

Mossberg Maverick Over Under Shotgun

This would be the longest of the guns but still shorter than any other shotgun (unless you go NFA), it has only 2 shots and you better be using slugs. Mostly for those who feel comfortable with a shotgun than with anything else. And in the hands of a properly trained person, nothing says better “Hey, Johnny Jihady, stop your crap!” than a one ounce slug at 1,000 fps.

I already heard some morons experts popooing the idea of civilian schmucks facing “highly trained” terrorists like the Kouachi Brothers. First, anybody looks professional when nobody is shooting back and second civilian schmucks can and have faced trained killers before. Don’t forget that Texas Clock Tower shooter was Former Marine Charles Whitman had three rifles and 700 rounds of ammunition when he killed 14 people on August 1, 1966. He was not able to increase that tally even having both the means and the tactical advantage because of the shooting coming from Civilians and their personal long guns that kept him harassed enough and distracted enough till Austin PD Officer Ramiro Martinez was able to reach the top of the tower and take him out.

And it goes without saying: Always carry a sidearm with plenty spare ammo. Might not be a rifle, but it there with you and it is better than saying “Please don’t shoot me.”

Bill in the PA House of Representatives: Ban human silhouette targets.

Thaddeus Kirkland. Democrat, serving Delaware County.

My legislation creates a new section under Title 18 Chapter 61 regarding firearms and other dangerous articles. Specifically, the bill prohibits the use of human silhouette targets at shooting ranges across the Commonwealth except by law enforcement officers, military personnel or other public safety personnel in line with their official duties. If a person violates the provisions of the new section, he or she will commit a summary offense.

via House Co-Sponsorship Memoranda – PA House of Representatives.

I thought idiots like this only sprouted in the legislatures of Florida, California and Washington State. We have seen this prohibition across some public ranges and I still have not figured out what is the rationale behind it. I know there has been some outcry about some specific targets allegedly representing certain famous and infamous people, but I think the good old B27 target has pretty much been a long time standard almost everywhere and comes with no controversy other than a newly manufactured one.

Florida Gun Bills 2015: We start with two good ones.

We have SB 176 Campus Carry that eliminates the prohibition of anybody with a concealed weapons permit to enter any college or university. I expect the usual shrieks coming out of Intelligentsia about the “chilling effect on Academic Free Speech” which is funny because if you dare to disagree with your professor or dare not to toe the Liberal mind of campus, you may be subjected to all kinds of penalties. Hell, you may even end up in a book as a rapist.

And next we have SB290 permit-less carrying of a concealed weapon during evacuating during a mandatory evacuation order issued during a state of emergency declared by the Governor pursuant to or declared by a local authority. Expect opposition from Sheriffs and other heads of LEOs on this one. I have one issue with this bill and it is that once the mandatory evacuation order is rescinded, those without CWP must understand that they are no longer covered by it and can face legal problems if they are still carrying without a permit. It this bill passes, we need to drum in everybody’s head this particular quirk of the law.

Nothing yet on Open carry and I did not see any Anti Gun bill on the list. I’ll keep an eye whenever I remember. In the meantime, if you are not a member of Florida Carry, it is time you do so. And if you are, are you? Have you renewed? Go check and make sure.