All of youse belongs to me?

There is a new “gun social place” called Smoke & Thunder (dot come!) which is not starting right. I mean, it is not even a left foot beginning but more like dragging ass over everything.

These cats are weird. They want the big names to be a part of their network so they create profiles for them without asking for authorization to do so. We are not talking blocking a name so only the person or company with the right to use it can access it, but creating an account & profile. And since they do not make a distinction between which is “reserved” and which one is just the person or company, it leads the less than attentive to believe major names are behind the new “gun social place.”

The above are some of the names I found inside. I know that Uncle has not registered, Caleb was commenting about this puppetry over Uncle’s and Tango was being reached via Twitter by Barron. I’ll refrain to comment on the rest but kinda doubt it. By the way, if you are gonna collect the best gun bloggers around, it is kind of stupid that in your blog you come down nasty on blogs.

The obvious question is: Who is behind this puppetization of bloggers’ socks? And why?

UPDATE: Changes suddenly occurring at the Thunderous Blunder. Oleg is now an innactive dummy…account. Who shall be next?

Tango said that he registered himself. His opinion is that “They’re bottom feeders. Trying to consolidate the hard work of others.” And IMHO there is a lot of truth ringing there.

Barron Barnett: “Nothing quite like violating the #dontbeadick rule.” 🙂

UPDATE 2: We can do what we want! It is legal! That appears to be Smoke & Thunder response to complaints about their Third Party Sock Puppetry. And just like Kelo versus New London, it can be both legal and totally douchebaggery.

I just confirmed via Facebook that Breda’s profile was Third Party Sock Puppetry. She complained to them some days ago and this was their attitude.

CSGV and the Insurrectionist meme.

Ladd has been beating on the gun-owners-as-insurrectionists drum for quite sometime desperately trying to see if any mud sticks to the Second Amendment Wall. Today being President’s Day, he had to go selecting quotes here and there to make his case:

I find funny that CSGV did not transcribe the whole paragraph. Maybe because it spoke of armed men fighting for their rights? Oh yes, this letter was written while the Civil War was going on.

And then, there will be some black men who can remember that, with silent tongue, and clenched teeth, and steady eye, and well-poised bayonnet, they have helped mankind on to this great consummation; while, I fear, there will be some white ones, unable to forget that, with malignant heart, and deceitful speech, they strove to hinder it.

Maybe we can refer to Lincoln’s first inaugural speech:

This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.

He goes on to say that he rather much have a peaceful solution via amendments if they came from the will of the People as any of us will like, but some will always do their best to try to impose their views on the majority. Lincoln eventually had to go to war against the Confederacy to preserve the Union. We didn’t need to go to arms to neutralize the Anti Gun Lobby as much as they say we are a threat. We just pointed out to the truth about crimes, the lies of the opposition and our respect for the Constitution.

Ladd might call us insurrectionists but I think the term Peace Makers applies better. Oh hell yes, serious pun intended.

The Starbucks Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre

It is over and it was bloodless. If the Stabucks Facebook page is any indication, the buycott kicked the boycott’s ass so hard anti gunners will be defecating via their belly buttons. The National Gun Victims Action Council (a spinoff of the Brady Campaign with really bad math & statistics training), organized the boycott but failed to make a dent. A buycott surged via grassroots in blogs, Twitter and Facebook and people flocked to buy coffee, pastries and other minutia while carrying a gun were permitted.The beatdown was so severe that the NGVAC hasn’t even bothered to follow up or update their website with results.

About the only ones still resisting and mostly posting crap in the Starbuck’s Facebook page is the Ladd Everitt from the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence and some of his minions and companions. Interestingly enough, they refuse to identify themselves as anti-gun lobbyists and try to suggest they are just plain and normal concerned folks wanting to be safe drinking their coffee. The ruse didn’t work too good since they were outed from the start and that does nothing but confirm their standard tactics of lying and deceiving to further their cause.

Oh yes! I almost forgot. No “gun violence” by “crazed and unsafe gun owners” was reported at any Starbucks.

Freedom and coffee flowed freely.

Don’t mess with senior citizens.

90 year old man is shot in the head by a burglar 60 years younger during a home invasion. Old man grabs one of 5 guns and shoots back hitting the burglar.

When a residential burglar fired a gun at Jay Leone last month, he was initially too angry to realize he had been shot in the head, he testified Friday.

“To tell you the truth, I never felt a thing,” said Leone, 90, of Greenbrae. “I said, ‘F—- you, you son of a bitch, now it’s my turn.'”

Mr. Leone gets awarded the “Get Off My Lawn” award.