My allergy of Armored Trucks again on the news.

And again an armored truck is targeted but this time by the gang that did not know how to stay hidden. The one thing that called my attention was this:

Chance did something that authorities do not recommend anyone doing. “They were running so fast, I felt like I needed to try and stop them. I tried to grab them, but they were like slippery when wet,” he said. “They got away from me, but then I followed them around the corner and saw the getaway car. They fired shots at me, but I was behind the pillars.”

Chance said he saw one of the crooks with what looked like a silver, 9 mm gun pointed right at him. “Especially when I see ‘Click, click,’ he said. If he had one in the chamber, I would have been through, probably.”

Remember: you do not wear your underwear over your pants or have a cape or have journalist girlfriend.  The playing of superhero is not in our job description. I know that as good people, we all feel the need to right the wrongs of this world have but we are not Dr. Sam Beckett either. Chance had a healthy dose of Ego that did not kill him…this time.

Ego kills, kill the Ego.

Ego Kills: Road Rage in Pompano Beach.

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office press release:

” Patrick Lavoie, 33, jumped out of the car to confront the driver of the Tacoma, Cleveland Anthony Murdock, 38. According to Lavoie’s girlfriend, who was driving the Honda, Lavoie felt that Murdock was driving too close to their vehicle. Witnesses say Lavoie was arguing with Murdock, tried to open the door of the Tacoma and was seen reaching in through the driver’s side window as he fought with Murdock. Fearing for his safety, Murdock took out his weapon and shot Lavoie.
Murdock was interviewed by detectives and later released. BSO Homicide investigators will present the case to the State Attorney’s Office for their review.

Even though Mr. Murdock has already been tried & convicted by the local media, the fact that he was released by BSO investigators gives us an idea that the shooting was somewhat “good.”

Ego and guns do not mix. If you carry concealed, you should know by now that you must give up any perceived right to indignation of any kind in your daily life. But there is little we can do bout everybody else ego but try and avoid it which is not easy. Every day we go out, we pay our monies we play our chances and sometimes it comes back snake eyes.