Infectious brain damage

Bart Hubbuch is the managing director of H&K Partners Wealth Management and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Here are some tweets from yesterday.

Ah yes, the President of the United States should not try and visit people all over the country.  He should stick to hosting rallies only in New York, DC, and Los Angeles.  Those are important cities.  A real President wouldn’t deign walk among the blue collar, unwashed masses, that do not have the money or wherewithal to live in a coastal megalopolis.

Of course, when he was called out for this, he doubled down.

One would think that a man who claims to be a “Native Texan” would be more empathetic to another Southern sate like Mississippi or another industrial state like Minnesota.


This is a disease known as Newyorkitis.  It occurs when a person experiences chronic exposure to a particular miasma that is the chemical reaction between Limousine Liberal exhaust fumes and decriminalized public human waste.

It is inhaled, where it penetrates the brain through the sinuses and causes damage to the frontal lobe of the brain where rational thought occurs, leaving only a sense of ego and self importance.

It is a common condition in various parts of the country, however the symptoms are slightly different.

Local differences in the type of vagrancy and exhaust fumes alter the disease slightly.

The Lincoln Towncar limo and belligerent gibbering Central Park dwelling vagrant causes  Newyorkitis.

The luxury hybrid and sanctuary city rapist vagrant causes Sanfranciscotosis.

Washtingtoma is a rapid onset, highly malignant strain of the disease exacerbated by private jet and tax payer reimbursed first class travel exhaust.  This form of the disease results in total higher functioning brain death, causing the victim to do nothing but ramble on nonsensically with a glassy eyed stare.  Seizures in which the sufferer will start yelling incoherent absurdities can be brought on by putting a camera in the person’s face.  Famous examples of people with Stage IV Washtingtoma are Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Nancy Pelosi.

Really, we should feel nothing but pity for these poor people.  This type of brain damage is no laughing matter.  Unfortunately, they are so hard to deal with and any possible treatment only works in early stages before the patient starts to show a lot of symptoms, that they fall through the cracks and are allowed to go into decline on social media.

What we need is some sort of therapy program to take these people out to a farm or a factory somewhere in Middle America and breathe fresh air and do an honest day’s hard work to inoculate them against the condition.

With Mr. Hubbuch though, I think he’s too far gone for any treatment to be effective.

My condolences to his Texan family.

5 Replies to “Infectious brain damage”

  1. Why does this clown have a blue checkmark? Given the way the Twits revoke those, I can only assume it’s because they approve of what he says.

  2. Well… as a former (reformed?) NYer, I can assure you that everything stated is absolutely, 100%, complete and totally fact.

    Born and raised on Long Island (lon guyland for you east coasters), and our attitude is that the world ends on the other side of the bridge. Sure, if your city has a professional sports team, we might acknowledge that you exist. (With the exception of Calgary). But, the rest of the world? Nothing but a bunch of dumb hicks that date their cousins.

    Not only that, we are absolutely convinced that everyone wants to live in NY City, and frankly, we do not want your kind.

    Then I had the pleasure of actually spending time outside of the major NY metro area, and I discovered how completely wrong I was about pretty much everything. Yep, there is life, good life, outside of NY. Who knew?

    Well, all those people who would never want to live in NY City, ever. They knew. And, they have been saying so for years, but us dumb arrogant NYers refused to listen.

    When I see things like these tweets, I do not get angry, or outraged. I feel pity. I really and honestly feel bad for people like Mr. Hubbuch.

    No matter how much he may have accomplished in his life, and make no mistake about it, running a financial services company is an accomplishment, his life is empty. He has no ability to understand that there are people out there that do not think being a hotshot broker is the greatest job in the world. They do not agree that living in a crowded city is the best thing in the world, even with all the conveniences. And, worse yet. He mocks those that would rather put on work clothes and build something than wear a suit and sit in an office every day.

    It is sad that people like this, who think they are so knowledgeable are really ignorant.

    And, thank God I did not end up in the same situation.

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