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The prospective customer turned out to be a confidential informant who helped special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) set up four undercover purchases from Rossello. Between October 29 of last year and this past January 8, Rossello sold the snitch three STENs, one “untraceable” pistol, and more than a hundred rounds of ammunition, including bullets that could pierce protective vests, the complaint states.

Source: Inside the Crackdown on Florida’s Shady Private Gun Dealers | VICE | United States


In their fanaticism to impose Universal Background Checks, they are playing with the definitions again. They have been beating the drum of private sales being the same as “unlicensed” dealers and now they’ve taken it to the next level: Gun Trafficker.

Mark Kleiman, professor emeritus of public policy at the UCLA School of Public Affairs, says clarifying the definition of a private seller engaged in the gun business is important because a third of all gun sales in the US are not conducted by licensed dealers. But Kleiman believes prosecutors already have a strong case against Rossello—even if Obama had not passed his executive order.

“There is no need to change the law to deal with him,” Kleiman tells me after reviewing the criminal complaint. “This guy was straight up gun trafficking.”

Demonizing is a powerful propaganda tool, but it is also a dangerous one. I really don’t think they know the kind of consequences this kind of games can bring or maybe they just simply don’t care if bodies stack up on their account.  It is not like they are going to be arrested and tried for the lies they spread since they have First Amendment protections…funny how much they like that amendment, but have few regards for the rest of the Bill Of Rights.

But this case also shows something that maybe the author has not realized: Guns and specially the Sten Gun are really easy to make at any half assed shop or garage.

In a video-recorded interview with investigators the same day, Rossello admitted to selling the firearms to the snitch and that the STEN machine guns had been manufactured by his boss’s son, Todd Vanlinda. Rossello added that he and Vanlinda test-fired a STEN in a back area of the Lake Worth headquarters of Vanlinda Iron Works, where he was employed, according to the complaint. He also told investigators he’d seen kits for building firearms inside a concrete shed at Vanlinda’s house.

Vanlinda was arrested later that same day and charged with possession of a machine gun and possession of an unregistered firearm. During a search of his house, agents confiscated a MP-40 fully automatic machine gun that was in a safe on the property’s patio.

Basically more people now know that you can actually build a machine gun with tooling and materials you can buy at any Home Depot, Lowe’d or Ace Hardware Store. You gotta love when a gun control article ends up giving more information for the dissemination of guns than how to curtail them.

Well done!

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  1. So a guy breaks a bunch of existing laws banning machine guns that have been on the books since 1934, so now he won’t break universal background check laws if they are passed?

    And this Alvarado guy from Vice is right in your backyard Miguel!

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