After spending hours debating with this woman (Liberal Hippie Queen ‏@andreajmarkley) , I can tell you it is a dark and scary place filled with myths, contradictions and a contempt for other who do not toe the line.

This tweet called my attention:

Lib Hip

Whatever conversation was in progress had already advanced past the initial post and I joined with a question. (Note: I will post select indicative parts as it was a long exchange, including some idiots chiming in)

Lib Hip 1

Get it? We need more laws, but they can be enforced only when it suits them even if they don’t work and if you point out the fault, you are worrying about stupid shit. I guess she missed the whole  Equal Protection class.

This one is a beauty:

lib Hip 2

Smarter people than us Gun Owners, of course meaning her and her kind. She doesn’t even register the bigotry of her statement or her support for an intellectual caste system where they control the Untermensch with their benedictions from above.

This one is a beauty and following up on her last comment:

Lib Hip 3

I admit my jaw not only dropped, but it started to dig an oil well. How deluded you have to be to say (write) that out loud? Wait, it gets better.

Lib Hip 4

She links to a Media Matters article that propagated the Shannon Watts lie that the last NRA Annual Meeting was a Gun Free Zone. You gotta give it to Top Mom Demands, that lie of hers still has legs.

We ended up with the latest article of faith of the Gun Grabbers: Universal Background Checks.

Lib Hip 5

And if you have been a reader of this blog for a time now, you know what’s coming next and her answer is….just read it:

Lib Hip 6

Now get a load of that way of thinking, these are fellow that want us dead or in prison just because we own guns. But a dangerous felon who breaks the law and is nice enough to provide the evidence for his prosecution on his own handwriting on an ATF 4473 form is not a cause for concern for this “better” of us. Do you think I am kidding? Read the following:

Lib Hip 7

And there you have it folks. You have a gun, even if you are law-abiding, even if you are in the military or Law Enforcement, you are worse than a felon.  This idiot actually believes that the criminal intent on getting a gun will somehow quit his life of crime because he did not pass a background check because he is a felon. But those of us who passed the background check when buying guns (and again when we got our carry permits) are the truly dangerous menaces to society and should be removed from it.

She firmly believes what she spouts. She might be in the fringe, but she is not alone and unfortunately sometimes that kind of mentality gets elected, twice.

Yes, ask me again when I am planning on relinquishing my weapons at the orders of  “Betters” like her.


There is more crap from her that I did not include. I may do another post later in the week with some of her “best of the rest” (and her fellow helpers) tweets.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

20 thoughts on “Inside the mind of a Gun Grabber.”
  1. I’ll do it. Hippie Queen sounds like a target-rich environment to me. Miguel, can you point me to the forum in which all this is taking place? I’d like to discuss the 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments to the Constitution with her. This will be fun.

        1. Miguel, did she block you on twitter like she did to the other guy who made her look stupid referencing Shannon Watts lies?

    1. This gives some real insight into why their side is pushing so hard for UBC’s and more groups of people being added to the prohibited person list (like the social security rule Obama is proposing). The goal looks to be to drastically reduce the overall number of new purchases, reducing the number of new gun owners causing the overall size of the gun industry to contract and then the rest of their gun control wish list agenda will be easier to implement. Confiscation through attrition.

  2. And THAT is why I had to get away from the gun blogging for the nonce. While previously I would have had her running around in circles for hours upon hours giving me pages worth of juicy quotes, now I wouldn’t have even lasted two or three tweets before seeing red.

  3. YGTBSM!!! And it’s obvious she actually believes that shit she’s spouting… Common sense? None? Ego/Hubris? Enough to fill a boxcar!

  4. Thanks for being on the front lines, Miguel.

    Just think folks: there are MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of registered American voters, who think JUST LIKE “Liberal Hippy Queen.” The immensity of the stupid is, well, stupefying.

  5. Wow. Glad I’m sitting at college so I can combat the sudden drop in IQ I just read by going back to class & educate myself some more. Really?! A criminal is just gonna shrug his shoulder if he can’t get a legal gun & go get some ice cream? Guess this idiot woman thinks illegal guns & black market is just Hollywood fantasy.

  6. Hi Miguel,
    Funny how that goez?? ‘Run into nutjobs like that all the time, they’re a dime a dozen. I’m still lookin’ for the guy supplyin’ the dimes!!! (regards to fred Blassie)
    ‘Ferget’ tryin’ to carry on an “intelligent conversation” with one of em’, it would be easier to “piss up a rope!!”
    My best recourse to dealin’ with these types is lots of “Recoil Therapy!!!!” I go to the range and chuck lots of lead down range!!!
    Got Gunz…….*OUTLAW??!!!,
    PS (*) to paraphrase the Cheshire Cat up in the tree (From Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll) ,”We’re all really ‘OUTLAWS’ now………You know!!!!”

  7. This is why you cannot be friends with leftists. They ultimately want you dead if you do not agree with them. Let alone they lack of logic or consistency makes your brain hurt.

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