Once upon a dark time, “sheep” were irrationally afraid for their lives, so the government in its profound wisdom, decided to make sure “sheep” had nothing to be afraid by registering & taking away the “fear.”


instructions to all persons of japanese ancestry

And the “fear” who frightened “sheep” faithfully followed the “law”:
instructions to all persons of japanese ancestry 2

And they lived happily ever after under the protection of a benevolent government:
instructions to all persons of japanese ancestry 3

So in Connecticut they were ordered to register their “assault weapons” because “sheep” were afraid and the “fear” followed the law:


And “sheep” cheered… not hard to figure how this tale is gonna end.
moms ct registration1

The more things change…….

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

12 thoughts on “Instructions to All Persons of Japanese Ancestry”
  1. History, as Mark Twain famously said, does not repeat itself but it rhymes. And there are still those who see this abomination of Fascist/Stalinist overreach and applaud it.

  2. I don’t buy the comparison. Its a lot easier to hide your rifle and magazines then it is to hide you are Japanese. People were/are over a barrel in both situations.

    Don’t fall in with the childish notion its as simple as resisting or not complying with the laws. This is complicated and we need to play the long game as well as the short. Complyingby some degree helps the long game.

    They also don’t mention that it should have been an estimated 250k assault weapons registered. So yea they aren’t winning.

    1. “Complying by some degree helps the long game.”

      True… Thew Nisei were eventually released from their concentra…er… “relocation” camps and and heartfelt “Ooops,sorry! My Bad!” issued.
      Not very comforting.

      1. Agreed 100% it sucks hard and ots not right but that’s why you comply ‘just enough’ so ‘recourse’ is availibe to you if needed.

        Keep in mind too many people had to register since DESPP already had sales/registration records from their deeler purchases. Not registering those guns or not producing a paper trail to show they aren’t yours anymore would not serve anyone’s self interest at this point.

        Privately sold and bought firearms are another matter….

        1. I looked at that picture, and thought…man….what an opportunity to find someone with the same model rifle, sell him yours for a buck and vice versa. Voila. Sorry, Mr. DotGov Agent Man, but I no longer own the firearm that is in your database. No idea where it is.

          1. That would work, but legally all assault weapons can no longer be transferred between individuals. They can only be transferred through inheritance and only if registered.

            The most funny part is that pre pre ban firearms, that is pre 1994 firearms (pre our first AWB) have no additional registration or transfer restrictions on them so they could still be bought and sold like before…. GENIUS! Don’t construe this as a complaint by any means, but seriously, these ass hats can’t even write consistent legislation. Its hilarious how ineptly they went about this and really gives even more reason not to comply fully.

            Unfortunately it does lead to many as yet resolved questions and gotchas as well. Complicating it further is the info on the DESPP site is out of date and half write or leaving things out in many cases. And many officers will give you different answers when you ask for clarification. It’s not their fault really, they are having just as tough a time figuring out how to enforce the new laws and what applies to what as we are trying to figure out how to abide by them.

            Unfortunately the commissioner of public safety who resigned anyways didn’t have the balls to tell the governor and legislature that their law was shit and unenforceable and creates confrontation between armed individuals and officers.

            TL;DR our new laws are crap. But we all knew that already.

      1. Now you see why its like a game of chess and not as simple as ‘shoot the pigs who come to take your guns!’ It sucks hard and they have us by the balls in CT but we need to think long term. Becoming dead or a felon early on won’t help you or anyone else on our side and only advance the anti cause. Its about as good a case of catch 22 as any. That’s why you declare what is documented as belonging to you

  3. Did anyone read the comments on the “moms” facebook page under that post? “registration is not enough”, lots of surprise that there are ZOMG 20,000 of them!! we must do more!
    While at the same time claiming “nobody is coming for your guns”, you can’t have it both ways people.

  4. I read Farewell to Manzanar(which I never finished… I should fix that) right after reading Corrie Ten Boom.

    To my young teenage mind, the camps in each book were pretty much the same place. Except that one of them you were expected to survive.


  5. I may not get the analogy.

    To keep it short –

    Wiki Manzanar can be reduced to the cite, “Let us review the main points of the debate. Over 120,000 residents of the U.S.A., two thirds of whom were American citizens, were incarcerated under armed guard.”

    A carefully phrased statement – “residents” (?) and not a mention of how many were Japanese citizens. Certainly it was only twenty years ago that it was ‘common knowledge’ that most who were NOT Japanese citizens were minors not yet registered with the Japanese Consulates as citizens. Won’t find that factoid on Wiki

    … what does one do with enemy nationals in time of war…

    Lucky they weren’t Japan’s enemy civilians caught up anywhere in Japanese occupied territory as they were rounded up and sent off to POW camps. You would have had a better chance of surviving the war as an American GI in a Nazi POW camp.

    If the point was, as Japanese-Americans were warned back then, if you live in these areas – GET OUT – yeah,

    Guns owners should GET OUT of Connecticut.

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