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14 thoughts on “It beats hurricane season”
  1. Posting as one that has been through several hurricanes and stuck, broke down in the cold and snow, personally I’d rather be in a hurricane. Areas wide, hell no, but just me? Hurricane.

  2. Its nice to look out the window n see. It was -7 yesterday with 30mph winds. Today -2 at 6am 22 was the high. Brilliant sun low wind.

  3. Think of it this way.

    The Cold kills mosquitos and ticks. You don’t have to worry about Gators, Pythons, or killed by falling Iguanas.

  4. To me, the key word there is that you get seasons as opposed to the whole year being within a few degrees of the same temperature. You had leaves change color and fall, instead of always looking about the same.

    You might get hurricane remnants up there, but nothing like South Florida. Likewise, I imagine you can get a blizzard, or at least a very heavy snowstorm. Nothing like a northeaster out on Cape Cod. Seems like a pretty nice place.

  5. It says “Sent by angry cybernetic gnomes” right over the picture of what appears to be one of them. 😂

    *runs for cover*

      1. I’ve always found it funny! As to the snow: I’ll take snow over rain every single time! I don’t care about driving it the stuff either. I DON’T do ice though.

  6. I’ve lived in TX over 20 years. I miss that weather.

    The snap of the air, smell of the fallen leaves, snow on the ground, warming up in front of a real fire.

    Don’t miss the liberal retards though.

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