Both of my Brothers-in-law are getting married within the next 12 months.  My wife was recounting to me their wedding plans.  In the course of the conversation, as conversations about marriages with women go, the topic of my proposal came up.  Suffice it to say, my proposal wasn’t all that great.   I was also 21 at the time and still in college.  In my own defense, 21 year old college kids aren’t the wisest or most romantic, despite what they (we) may think.

So I felt it was incumbent upon me to propose again, with a big romantic gesture.

I walked over to her, where she was sitting on the couch.  I got down on one knee.  I took her hands in mine.  Kissed them.  Looked lovingly into her eyes, and said:

“My love.  Would you like to file your taxes jointly with mine, even through it is fiscally more responsible for each of us to withhold at the higher single rate?”

Nearly 10 years of marriage changes a man.

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By J. Kb

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