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5 thoughts on “It is all about the space for the monitors.”
  1. I just have the one monitor (plus, sometimes, a laptop) – but it’s a fairly big monitor, with a KVM switch to select among the two resident computers and maybe a couple of computers temporarily present while being set up.
    And then I have many virtual desktops on my workstation, each desktop typically having multiple windows open on it. A great much of virtual clutter.
    As for cleaning the keyboard – I find that the mouse is more of a problem. There really ought to be sealed optical mice, with a little window to keep cat hair out. (I suppose I could try gluing a microscope cover slip to the bottom of a regular optical mouse and see if that works.)

  2. For keyboards, my favorites are gaming keyboards made with Cherry switches. Apart from a great feel, you can pop off the keys for cleaning. Makes it a lot easier … and if the keys themselves are too disgusting they can be replaced.
    I usually have just one big monitor these days. It was worth the money to get rid of that “dividing line” between screens, at least for me. And the prices have really come down.

  3. Sirs, for the record, you DO NOT have a monitor problem. I have not used less than dual 27″ side by side flat screens for the last 5 years… and I’m contemplating upgrading to dual 43″ 4k’s in the next episode… you’re ‘fine’.

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