It is Meme & Pic Day

You will be seeing scheduled post of memes and pics. Why? Because probably while you read this, I’ll be sobbing uncontrollably trying to do some plumbing in the house. I am known for not being the most proficient DIY for fixing pipes and I will be dealing with changing a tub and shower faucet from an old school two knobs to a single central lever.

Even though I have been planning, prepping and buying all the ingredients, It will probably take me all day and 2 trips to the hardware store to finish the job and I am being optimistic. Las Vegas oddsmakers are giving 35 to 1 ending the job sometime Saturday.

If (big one) I’m done today, my fingers will be probably be burnt and shredded so I won’t be able to write a post. My wife said I am not allowed to drip blood over the keyboard again.

That wailing you hear coming from way south is probably me.

9 Replies to “It is Meme & Pic Day”

    1. The “Big Box Store” never carries part(s) you need, only the professional jobber does, and they’ll be closed when you figure out what you need.

  1. Being a computer tech, water is my true nemesis. I positively hate plumbing.

    All I can say is good luck, and if you have multiple hardware stores in your vicinity, spread your supplementary trips around so the staff don’t clue in on to what is happening. If they don’t need to know, less is the better 🙂

  2. Miguel, you have an advantage in your toolbox you are over looking. You can swear inultiole languages, tools not all of us possess. As I am a firm believer that the right swear for the job is exactly as important as proper tool selection I’m sure you will fare well. 😁

  3. Since it looks like you are going with Pex and SharkBite, that will save you time and headaches.
    One recommendation, on your threaded connections use Blue Monster teflon tape.

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