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17 thoughts on “It is not Bigotry. It is the Penis.”
  1. The earth is 4.5 billion years old.
    Life first appeared 2.6 billion years ago.
    Sexual reproduction first appeared 1.2 billion years ago.

    There is 1.2 billion years worth of evolutionary instinct programmed into my brain that makes me want to put my penis in a vagina to try and propagate the species.

    It’s not bigotry, it’s science.

  2. Okay, so I’m not a heterosexual man, I’m a bisexual man, so the presence of a penis isn’t a deal breaker for me. I’m also married to a transgender man. And were non-monogamous and date other people. So I’m clearly not the target of this infographic.

    But, here’s the secret, I wouldn’t date the vast majority of transgender women out there. It has absolutely nothing to do with their plumbing and everything to do with their personality (or rather, their lack of one). The overwhelming majority of them tend to be obnoxiously obsessive over politics (and that’s coming from me, a guy who argues about politics for a hobby) and monstrously ignorant about politics at the same time. Imagine dating Anita Sarkeesian. No one wants that.

    1. “Imagine dating Anita Sarkeesian.”

      Friends don’t do that to friends before they’ve had their morning coffee. Brreeggh.

    2. “nothing to do with their plumbing and everything to do with their personality”
      I had a friend long ago that had the plumbing and was one of the most enjoyable and lady-like beings (except for the James Eral Jones voice) you’ll ever meet. From the get go she would tell you her sexuality because she understood that surprises were badly taken and zero politics. You either accepted her or not and he could not care less. We hung around, go get drinks and shoot the shit and it was a ball. Sadly he was an early victim of HIV and we lost her.

    3. Ish, I have always respected your comments and your opinions on topics like this. I value you a regular reader and commenter on this blog.

      With all due respect (I mean that sincerely) you are the odd man out. You already dated (and married) a trans-person.

      I, the straight, cis, male, are the intended target of this PSA. The idea is to shame me into sucking it up (possibly literally) and dating a trans person.

      What you said about personality is spot on. I have no issues with being friends with a trans person. But the romantic and sexual relationship is out.

      What gets left out of this stat is that most gay people feel the same way. Lesbians have nearly the same response. Most lesbians do not want to date a trans woman with a penis.

      Plumbing matters. Even surgically modified pluming is out of the question. It’s not something I’m going to get over, and apparently that goes for most people as well.

      1. I don’t date a trans person, we’re married. As thousands of schlocky stand-up comedians will attest, marriage means the end of dating. Unless going to Costco without the kids counts as a date.

        1. Dated now married… I stand corrected.

          And yes, after 11 years of marriage myself, Costco sans kids is a date. I even go all out and get us a Churro to share.

  3. When did a preference become equal to hate?

    “I don’t like peach ketchup on my hamburger.” “RACIST HATER!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT NOT WANT KETCHUP!?”

    1. This is starting to sound like Jessica Yaniv and the waxing salon. Shall we flip this and say trans rights wants to force people into unwanted sexual activity? This is forcing people to break hard limits which is a major violation of SSS.
      Also ish’s observation on politics make it sound like dating a transwoman is an experience only slightly less unpleasant than hooking up with a radical feminist, and they constantly complain about how hard it is to find a good man.

      1. Dating some transgender folks. Important qualifier there. Let’s leave the collectivist “anyone who is X must always behave as Y” identity nonsense to the progressives.

        It’s the progressive mindset that makes so many these people absolute boors. I don’t care if they’re black, white, brown, or magenta; cis- or transgender; hetero- or homosexual; young, old, or middle aged… If they subscribe to the odious philosophy of the far left, they’re going to be obnoxious people.

        By far the most annoying thing about the philosophy is that it demands its adherents subsume personhood with group identity. They then let this group identity act as a substitute for personality and every activity must be bound up with their politics.

        No hobbies, no pastimes, no interests, no nothing that isn’t about the collective identity.

        They can’t go see a movie, they have to go to a queer cinema exhibition.

        They can’t go to the museum, they have to go to a lesbian photo gallery.

        They can’t ride a bike in the park, they have to join a gay pedal protest.

        They can’t eat at that cool new restaurant, the white owners are oppressing brown bodies by making them work for tips.

        They can’t read that new bestselling book, it appropriates the Chinese-American experience because the white author has an Asian character in it.


  4. So, “lipstick lesbians”, who elect to avoid the “twigs and berries” set, are now haters? Because they are unwilling to do the horizontal mamba with me, a straight white Christian (more or less, that is…) male?I

    Will wonders never cease! Plumbing Matters!

  5. The purpose of leftist propaganda is to make you complicit in a lie, the bigger the better. Once you’ve played along with one of their lies, it’s easier to get you to go along with the next.

  6. So forcing straight men to date trans women is OK, but forcing a gay man to date a woman is somehow hateful? I thought choice mattered?

  7. Thats the stupidist thing i have read in quite awhile.
    I have No Interest in Dick or FAKE Vagina’s.
    These people are seriously Psychotic!
    And trying there damndest to make it Appear As Correct thought.

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