The answer? Don’t let you kin be sucked by the Gansta Culture.

Back in the day, you’d expect musicians to die either by overdose or in a plane crash. Nowadays it seems if bullet wounds dispended by the competition are the preferred method of exit from the mortal coil. And if they only took out the artist, I guess that would not be so bad (Most of them suck anyway) but this thing of spraying and praying a crowd to see if they get their target is just asinine.

You worry about your kids? Kneecap the shit out of them for listening to Rap and sucking the poison that culture.

But it is easier in their consciences to blame us in the Gun Culture rather than admit the are being shitty parents failing to educate and protect their kids.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

11 thoughts on “It is not Gun Culture, it is Gansta Culture.”
    1. This is not a mass shooting if it is gang related. The FBI carefully excludes this numbers so that Chicago isn’t having two or three mass shootings every weekend.

      I too have noticed that every time the infringers bring me infringements up that there is a spat of high profile shootings. It at least the media reports lots of then.

      And this time around I’m seeing lots of “The second amendment is about keeping down blacks and slaves!”. Along with statements like the 2a is racist because militia and gun laws were designed to disarm blacks…

      CNN had an article where they did not quote in full but in pieces. They are trying hard to keep people ignorent.

  1. Question: Isn’T it illegal in Florida to carry in establishments were alcohol is served?

    How could the patrons shoot back? Can it be that *gasp* laws were ignored and maybe the people involved were not gun owners but criminals?

  2. Another example; I AM GUN CULTURE. I got my state pistol permit as soon as I was eligible at 21. I have never shot at or been shot at. In 38 years, the one and only time I defensively displayed my firearm at high ready was at my own front door in 2012 at 1AM. The individual saw it and left. Cops NEVER responded. An armed citizen is a polite citizen and will avoid conflict of any kind. My guns are either securely holstered, or locked away. I spend quality time at my range, and clean and maintain my firearms. I reload for target practice and use uniform quality commercial ammo for defense.

    THE GANGSTA CULTURE. Permits are for suckas. Pull and shoot indiscriminately for some minor disagreement. Guns stuffed under the drivers seat, couch cushions, or in waistband. Handful of mismatched ammo because they can’t legally buy the good stuff. No 4 Rules of Gun Safety or range time. No gun maintenance or knowledge other then “Ima pop a cap in yo’ ass!”

    I recently read an exerpt of a book about Wyatt Earp. He personally related many stories of how practice, precision, and taking time to aim on your target always won the gunfight over simple speed and getting shots off.

    1. “An armed citizen is a polite citizen and will avoid conflict of any kind.”
      Yup. I believe this to be a better formulation than Heinlein’s, and to get closer to the reasons for the observed effect.

  3. I have and always will look at rap as absolute garbage. There are only two artists in that genre I have any respect for. One because he’s a talented musician who has learned to play multiple instruments and the second because I liked his stuff 20 years ago.

    Other than that it’s all crap. And you can’t spell “crap” without “rap”.

    I remember in college when I had this ongoing thing with one of my black female classmates where we would challenge each other to listen to songs outside of our comfort zones but we thought were excellent. This was when bush jr was president; 15-16 years ago. She would come up with about three or four songs and I would come up with about three or four songs. All her recommendations were rap. Mine were usually metal with folk and punk. One particular experience one of the song I recommended was And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda sung by The Pogues. She said it was depressing and morbid and it made her cry. She had literally never heard of the Gallipoli campaign until I told her about it. Can’t blame her. I learned about that from the history channel before it sucked, didn’t learn about in history classes. However I can’t really fault her; I’ve heard that song dozens maybe hundreds of times and it still makes me tear up sometimes.

    Find one rap song like that.

    1. Absolutely no socially redeeming qualities connected to the rap/gangsta life style and it’s a shame real black leaders don’t say that every day

      1. What real black leaders? The ones lionized in the mainstream media are misery pimps, not leaders. People like Al Sharpton, who became millionaires by capitalizing on, and perpetuating, the troubles of others.

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